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KUALA LUMPUR, July 13 ― Umno Youth cannot be faulted for protesting at the DAP headquarters yesterday as they were merely defending the Malays and…

steadyaku47 comment : Saya Melayu….keturunan Peta Pechawal Raja Besar Bugis di Snaghie (Sanji)….orang Bugis la tu….not a Bugis warrior….more probably my ancestors dabbled as Lanuns (pirates)….which I am led to believe, was then, not an uncommon professions among the Bugis folks of Sulawesi. 

An accident of circumstance meant that my Bugis ancestors took shelter from a storm at sea in what we now know as Malaysia. I will be remiss if I did not relate that my father and uncles did tell me that my ancestors were on their way to the Holy Land when the storm forced them to take shelter here….a most noble of ventures to undertake…. ….but bearing in mind that my ancestors did dabble in piracy…the truth of them being on their way to the holy land when the storm struck is somewhat suspect…..but I digress.

Let us go back to the “Saya Melayu bit…..”. 

Let me for a few moments humor Umno Youth whose president KJ is some one I am vaguely familiar with as he is married to my niece….but that is another story to tell. 

Again I digress….

We are told that Umno Youth canot be faulted for protesting at the DAP headquarters a few days back as they were defending the Malays. 

I am a Malay too. I will be failing in my duty if I too do not defend the Malays. 

So will someone from pemuda Umno tell me what we are defending the Malays against?

Defend the Malays against the DAP in Penang? 

Let us back up a bit here. 

If memory serves me right after, from after Merdeka, Penang was first in the hands of MCA and then in 1968, in the hands of Gerakan and from 2008, in the hands of DAP. Ini semua party orang Cina. …so apa nak bising sangat sekarang? 

Is DAP about to appoint Kit Siang or any other Chinese, as Governor of Penang? I dont think so.

Are the Chinese insisting that only Mandarin be used in its State Assembly and that Pulau Jerjak be gazeted as a Pig Rearing sanctuary? They would not dare!

Is DAP conducting a plebiscite to ask the people of Penang if they want to secede from Malaysia? I would understand why Sabah, Sarawak or even Penang would want to do so……but no, DAP is not doing so.

So what exactly is DAP doing in Penang that is threatening the Malays or. heaven forbids, Islam? But again for argument sake let us say that the DAP are indded doing these things in Penang.

If DAP are doing any of the above things….or are even thinking of doing any of the above things…….can this Umno controlled BN government send in the troops to physically take over the state assembly while instructing PDRM to take into custody every DAP member that they can find in Penang? Yes they can! 

And then can the same BN government led by Umno get one of the more friendly Muftis to declare (this time for real) every DAP member in Penang a Harbi and then legally have the authorites physically eliminate every DAP member  – Malays included? Yes they can!

So if Umno can legally lock up every DAP member indefinitely and legally eliminate every DAP memeber via that Harbi Fatwa….where is the threat from the DAP? 

What can DAP do to the Malays? 

Kalau lah Kit Siang menghinakan Melayu in any way….anyway at all….I do not need any pemuda Umno’s support or escort to go and look for Kit Siang  (even in DAP Hq) and give Kit Siang a piece of my mind for doing so. And if he or any member of DAP dares to talk back or even think of harming me….I do not need pemuda Umno to take care of me. Saya sendiri boleh lawan Kit Siang or any other DAP member yang nak lawan dengan saya. Tak payah ada pemuda Umno!

But I know it will never come to that….Kit Siang is a man I admire and respect. Cuba tengok apa jadi kepada president president Umno yang lama…..semua nya kutok Umno atau keluar daripada Umno. ….but not Kit Siang. Masih kekal dan masih setia kapada DAP. Dia saorang patriot bangsa Malaysia….bukan patriot orang Cina…dia patriot Malaysia!    

Memang lah arah yang di tuju oleh pemuda Umno telah di pastikan oleh Najib Razak, but apa yang saya sedih sangat ia lah president mereka, KJ, turut serta dengan perentah Najib Razak without questioning what is best for the Malays, what is best for Umno youth….and more critical…what is best for Umno! 

The common consensus among many Malaysian is that Umno is on it’s last innings and we are all waiting for the Fat Lady to sing. Yang susah sikit is that the Fat Lady still wants to stay in Seri Perdana….and more worrying….her voice is not that good….so how?