6.12 AM. Melbourne. Now is our Winter of Discontent! 
If you are a Malay you are faced with the prospect of what to do with an arrogant, rampaging self serving Umno that is, at this very moment, pillaging and plundering the wealth of our Nation in your very name for their own gains.
If you are not a Malay you have been served notice by words, deeds and legislation that this same arrogant and self serving Umno will make the roads of K Hell run red with your blood if you should ever dare to threaten and to question Malay privileges or question Umno’s “God given” right to continue their rule over all Malaysians. 
We are familiar with the following refrain shouted by thousands of Malay demonstrators marching through the streets of K Hell…..”Our Malay way of life is under threat. We want to support Malays, Najib, and tell the Chinese and all others to keep their place,”

is the “new normal” in Malaysia today? What defines our Nation? What
defines our people? How do we see our leaders and how do our leaders see
the people they lead? How does the world sees us? 
What are the
expectations of our people : The young, the old, those seeking
employment, those in employment and those out of employment? What is the
underlying emotions and sensibilities of Malaysians? What do they think
of the times that they are now living in? What of the future? Is there
hope, is there optimism…does the future holds any promise for better
times, better lives or is the future bereft of any positivity that will
allow any of us to dare hope for change? 
Something has to got to give.

For starters….this BN government is leaking like the proverbial sieve. 

was Rafizi able to get just the precise images to show the flying Hippo
boarding OUR private Jet with copious amounts of whatever it was she was taking with her in those bags and bags and bags and bags carried on board by her orang suruhan? How come that person shooting the video knows the exact time the Flying Hippo was boarding OUR Jet and from where to get the best shooting angle?

Now these leaks threatens to make our Winter of Discontent even more interesting!

How was Clare of Sarawak report able to get her hands on an OSA classified AG report on 1MDB? The same report that tells us what everyone already knows : 

That 1MDB is the personal vehicle of Najib Razak used to plunder our nation’s wealth for the personal gain in the billions of ringgits for himself, his family and his cohorts.

Now how can this report that exposes the crimes known by the rakyat to be be committed by their own prime minister, Najib Razak, on a national sovereign fund, be classified under the OSA? 
Since when has exposing criminal intent by Najib Razak been a threat to our national sovereignty? Everyone know crimes had been committed, the perpetrators know and they know the rakyat knows….only now everything is being played in the public domain where it belongs…….. thanks to Sarawak Report and the leaks that pushes this BN government under Najib Razak closer to it’s end days!

Roslan Awang's photo.

Will Najib Razak be indicted for these crimes? Will members of his government who were complicit in perpetrating these crimes be indicted? Is there hope of recovering the many billions already in the hands of Najib and his conspirators, billions already spent and the billions that were “invested” in questionable business ventures….how many of these billions will ever be recovered? Or will other ways and means be found to plunder our national coffers further to top up the debts of 1MDB and have all this too be blanketed under OSA with the race and religious card thrown for good measure?
And what will the people – you and me….what will we make of all this?
All that I have feared for Malaysia has happened. We now have a corrupt government with corrupt leaders with the political will and might to perpetrate their stranglehold over our country. My people, the Malays are too forgiving and too accepting of this…this ….corrupt Malay government that rules in their name but not for their gain. The non-Malays think themselves – with some justification – unable to intervene, what more to change matters, given their numbers. 
It is indeed our Winter of Discontent!
But let us not forget what Clare and those who are with her in Sarawak Report have been able to do in these last few years that the opposition have also tried to do with questionable success…..unite us all against all those that seeks to destroy our people, our nation and our future. 
Let us not forget too, others who also write and blog about all the ills and abuses of political power by all and sundries in Malaysia…..and let us not forget the many many hundreds of thousands ….maybe even millions…..that read what is written by Clare and others like her….and are then embolden to think that maybe this Winter of Discontent that is now upon us all can be lifted if we are all together in our intent to rid ourselves of Najib and this corrupt BN government that he leads.
Go read again that OSA classified AG report on 1MDB that is now in the public domain. The OSA be dammed! 
I am certain that in the days to come more “interesting” leaks will emerge from deep within the confines of Seri Perdana, Putrajaya and anywhere else where individuals of dubious intent and purpose meet to scheme and scam on how to further steal billions more from our national coffers. 
Our “friends” are everywhere….so be afraid Najib…be very very afraid!