is a sovereign country. Why do we need to give money to their religious
organisation? We are not their religious saviour, we ourselves need
money whether for religious purposes or for general purposes. We are not
a rich country anymore. Even Saudi Arabia has gone poor.

Mohamad Abdul Karim
Mohamad Abdul Karim I’m really trying to digest DPM’s statement.

Mohamad Abdul Karim
Mohamad Abdul Karim Problem is we cannot go on giving donations for the next kidnapping. So what is the next pretext??

Wan Shukri
Wan Shukri Of
course not, but hopefully Malaysians will now know the danger and avoid
being in the area. The next time around the govt may just ignore these
ransom demands by giving excuses, if it happens after the elections of
Adnan Abdullah
Adnan Abdullah Its
not the govt’s money lah. Its collected from the kidnap victim’s
families and they are asking for some to be returned to them.
Dato Lokman Awang
Dato Lokman Awang If you are a sinner you propagate sins and sinning becomes your leit motif

steadyaku47 comment : As expected, after a night of sleeping on the happenings of yesterday over what our DPM has done with the RM12millon handed over to PDRM to go towards any ransom demand by the Abu Sayyaf, we all wanted to have our say on the matter. 

The above is, but just a sampling of what I encountered…and like all issues that have made us questioned the deeds of this Umno led BN government….it is a question of “TRUST”. 

We no longer trust the words of this Umno led BN government because “cakap bukan serupa bikin” and vested political and personal interests trumps everything else.

The RM12million handed over to PDRM to pay the ransom demanded by Abu Sayaff is a case in point. That RM12million was raised from public donations and assets sales (by the hostages families…..since when has the government decided that money raised this way is to be handed over to an Islamic entity/Charity Organizartion in a foreign land?

So far this is what this DPM of ours have narrated to us as to what has happened with the RM$12million:

  • No ransom money was paid to Abu Sayyaf.
  • The money was given to Charity.
  • The Money was given to an Islamic entity.

Let me say what needs to be said…I believe that the money DID NOT GO TO A BODY IN THE PHILIPPINES WHICH ASSIST IN AN ISLAMIC STRUGGLE”  as claimed by the DPM. Some went into the DPM’s pocket, some into PDRM’s pockets, some to “intermediateries” in Malaysia and in the Philippines and, in one way or another, some went to Abu Sayaff…and then, maybe, what was left over did finally go to that “Islamic body in the Philippines which assisted in the the Islamic Struggle”.
I am certain that the majority of that RM12million collected came from non-Muslims – were they consulted about the money going to an “Islamic Body which assist in an Islamic Struggle?” 
DId the DPM think about reimbursing the money to those who have sold their assets (cars and houses?) BEFORE he so generously donated the RM12million to that Islamic body that assisted in an Islamic Struggle? It is not his or the government money to donate!
Like that RM2.6 billion donation to Najib and 1MDB, so many of those who gained financially in those many dubious transactions and outright scams, have remained nameless and their identities clouded under such description as “Saudi Royalty” and what have you.
This RM12million caper seems destined to head the same way….same SOP …same modus operandi….”national security” issues….”the government knows best” arguments and of course that most convincing of mantra….”do not politicize this issue”.
In these coming days more questions will be asked and more “details” will emerged from the DPM, from the BN governments side, from Abu Sayyaf, from the Islamic Body involved, from the Philippines Government and from all walks of life that may or may not have any connection or knowledge of where that RM$12million went….but this we now know….those who have contributed to that RM12million may or may not have assisted in the freeing of those hostages….but we and they now know that they will never see their money again!
Where that RM12million went will now take its place with that RM2.6billion donation, with 1MDB and the various other financial capers, shennaningans and outright scams that this corrupt Umno led BN government have perpetrated and will continue to perpetrate, upon the long suffering people of this nation….so help me God!