me be straight with you. The protestors demand is not to topple the
government. This has been said many times. They demand your removal; it
is you that they want removed…..that’s as simple as I can say. And
should you decide to heed the protestors demand to leave and all your
bootlickers decides to leave as well causing the government to fall,
then you should shoulder the blame; not the protestors. Even when you
leave, that’s not the end of you. There are questions
for you to answer especially on how are you to resolve the huge 1MDB
debt. Are you to leave it to the rakyat to bear the debt? Oh no…..I am
not one, nor my children and grand children to be asked to share the
burden to pay off 1MDB debts. Get Arul Kanda and Jho Low and all other
financial wizards within 1MDB to solve it, even if they all have to sell
off whatever properties in their possession, and that include yours as

PM sounds a warning about Arab Spring revolutions and changing the government outside the constitution.
steadyaku47 comment : Enough said! Sebodoh bodohnya sa orang manusia…tentu dia faham bila rakyat beribu ribu demonstrate suruh dia undur. Apa lagi Najib yang di tunggu?