We MCOBA (Malay College Old Boys)…..oh oh I can already hear the sighs of the Old Puteras, the Old Frees, VIOBA’s……and all old boys from all the other  schools….all of them shaking your heads and saying under your breath…there goes that old MCKK boy again talking about  (what else?) MCKK! Please lah….bear with me for a moment.
What I am going to say applies to all of us old boys…yes YOU included!
Ok …back to square one. 
We MCOBA go back to our Alma mater in Kuala Kangsar from time to time, to attend old boys weekend. Some roll up in the latest Mercedes Benz and Rolex watches. Some tompang their friends and are grateful for any available transport that gets them to Kolej. Some have flown in from other parts of the world just so they can sleep once again in the dorm they have once slept decades again and sample once again nasi kawah and kolej food cooked by cooks that would not even be able to step into the fine restaurants that these old boys frequent when back in the world that they come from.
Whoever they may  be, where ever they may come from and whom so ever they are in real life….all that they leave behind when they pass that Kolej gate and once again enter that place when times seems to have stood still!


Once you do, one cardinal rule applies to all.  
One cardinal rule that you must remember for all the time that you are there…..seniority rules! Tak kira lah engkau Tun ka, Tan Sri ka or even if you were once DPM or a Sultan….when you are in the presence of a Senior ….always must respect lah! 
Even now as I am saying this I remember with much affection and quiet mirth, the times and places that I have pulled ranks on MCOBA’s even out there in the real world….and you know that when you do it with finesse and grace, that “junior” will respond in kind. This respect of your senior has been an invaluable lesson for me in my life….and for that I am grateful to my Alma mater. 
How I wish it was so in the Malaysia that we now have….how I wish it was so! 
So all you old boys of any school in Malaysia that was shaking your head at my wanting to talk about MCKK again….do you all not agree with me?  If only the respect of our seniors that we learned at school could be replicated in life out here in the real world…would not our life be more graceful, more respectful and maybe, even more civilised? 
Enough said.