Why is PKR’s Sivarasa sharing a fake TIME magazine cover of the PM?

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR’s R. Sivarasa created controversy today when he shared a fake TIME magazine cover featuring Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. In a Facebook posting today, the Subang Jaya Member of Parliament had posted an image of the fake magazine cover, and said the prime minister had “made once headlines again, for the wrong reasons.” Referring to the text on the supposed cover, which claimed to have ranked Najib as ‘No 2 on the most corrupt list’, Sivarasa said it was a very serious title, rank or even accusation directed towards him. “Will he now ‘claim’ to sue TIME magazine?” asked the opposition MP.

steadyaku47 comment: 

I was one of those who posted the above “fake” TIME magazine cover on my blog and Facebook and I make no apologies for doing so!

  Have you forgotten what this Umno-dominated government has done just in the recent past? Here are a few reminders…just a few!

14-year-old shooting victim Aminulrasyid Amzah.

These are all people dead because of the manner this Umno-dominated government chooses to do government. Beyond accountability and with an impunity that beggars belief!
And the extravagance of the first couple (ptui!) that simply defies belief! 

And now there is also the shambles of 1MDB and that mind-boggling RM2.6 billion donation deposited into Najib’s personal bank account : both these issues have now become common knowledge globally : resulting in foreign countries officially initiating investigation focused on uncovering corruption and the direct involvement of Malaysia’s prime minister in these scams to dupe the Malaysian public out of billions of ringgits!
And while foreign governments do so, this Umno-led Najib Razak government does all it can to prevent the judiciary and Malaysian authorities from investigating the same issues by the wholesale overt dismissal, transfers and removal by any means necessary (even murder!) of anyone that dares to think that they can bring this Najib Razak to be held accountable for his criminal misdeeds in the name of government. 
NO…I did not think twice about posting that “fake” TIME magazine cover onto my blog because that “fake” TIME magazine cover did not lie. Hell, if anything, that “fake” TIME Magazine cover  did not say enough about what this Najib Razak has done to result in his and his wife being held to public odium, disgust and contempt by the Malaysia public. 
And because that “fake” TIME Magazine cover did not do enough….I know that once again I have to post the following images to make amends!