Najib Razak is not a stupid idiot. He knows the trouble he is in. He fully understands what is waiting for him if he has to step down as prime minister in the aftermath of the Altantuya murder, the 1MDB money grabbing fiasco and the depositing of that RM2.6billion “donation” into his personal account. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. When Najib is out of office and the powers that be decides to dig into the use and abuse of his political office for personal gain, the consequences for Najib and Rosmah will not bear thinking. There will be enough reason for any courts to put both of them behind bars for a very long time. At the very least any criminal investigation into the abuse of his executive powers while prime minister will result in conviction and incarceration. And at worse, not only incarceration, but the seizure of all his ill gotten gains during his political life and the incarceration of Najib and Rosmah …can you even start to imagine how fearful both of them are of that possibility?
As I have said, Najib Razak is not a stupid idiot. He totally understand that for him there is only one option. Cling on to power no matter what. For the alternative is too horrendous to contemplate for him and for Rosmah.
When exactly Najib Razak became aware of his predicament is hard to tell but there is no denying that he choose to use the political power within his grasps in the same manner as other despotic and corrupt leaders before him has done. Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam, Marcos, Suharto, Thaksin Shinawatra and the Military in Burma are all guilty of same….the use and abuse of political office for their own personal glory and the amassing of insane personal wealth beyond comprehension. Once these “leaders” have made that decision that personal glory comes before national glory, that personal wealth comes before the needs of the people they govern and that their political survival overcomes any other legal or constitutional consideration then the end for then is always predictable. 
Ngo Dinh Diem hands were tied behind his back and he was shot at point-blank range with a semi-automatic firearm and then had his body repeatedly stab with a knife in the back of the APC (Armoured Personal Carrier).


Marcos ended his miserable days in exile in America and died of kidney, heart and lung ailments while his wife is still facing hundreds of additional corruption charges in the Philippines court.

We all know the ending of Suharto and his inglorious humiliation in old age as his own legislative officials, his top generals, his Vice President and half his cabinet told him he had to go. And the explosion of looting, burning and death that destroyed Jakarta was more that just anarchy! “It was a statement of the country’s rage over the poverty and political
impotence to which Mr. Suharto had reduced Indonesia’s 210 million
Thaksin Shinawarta is still a free man….outside his country. His sister was deposed as Prime Minister and faces criminal charges of abusing her position as Prime Minister of Thailand….a case of family paying for the sins of their own kind.
The reign of the military dictators is at an end in Burma. Democracy has finally won and put Ang Sung Sui Kyi as its leader to oust the Military rulers and hopefully take Burma down the road towards a future their people aspired to.
What shall be the end for Najib and Rosmah?
 And as I have said earlier, Najib and Rosmah knows to well from history that any abuse and use of political power for personal gain will have to be answered for first in the court of public opinion and thence to the judiciary once the courts have established its independence from the executive of the land.
There is just so much Najib and Rosmah can do to cling to power because like the Sultans there is just so much their subjects will endure. “Raja adil raja disembah, raja zalim raja disanggah” meaning “A fair king is a king to salute, a cruel king is a king to rebel against”.

The going of Najib Razak and his despised spouse has become academic. That it will happen is agreed upon by all – even those within Umno. The tide will not turn and there will be no graceful exit for these two simply because for these two their personal interest and avarice has surpassed all sensibilities and descend to the abyss of insane corruption and hubris that can only mean one thing : when the time for retribution comes , tiada maaf atau ampon bagi mu!   
The length of their goodbyes may be longer than what we would have preferred. Their continued presence in Seri Perdana and among us may no longer be tolerable by so millions of Malaysians. The end for them, when it comes, will be swift and inglorious -and we will be the better for it. Then the renewal we have wanted of good governance and leaders of good ethical and moral leanings will once again be possible.
Until then keep the rage. In one hand keep hidden that stone that you may one day soon have to use to drive these evil men and women who now rule over us. Use it when and if needed if they do not leave soon and leave quietly. God be with us.