I can, with much salacious “facts” and financial details begin to tell you about the goings on among the shabats of the newly appointed DPM, Zahid Hamidi, who are, even as we speak, seeking money making avenues to bolster the war chest of their “BOSS” (and themselves!) in preparation of the “battles” ahead against those that will stand in the way of Zahid’s “deserved” ascent to be “Number One”.
An uneasy “truce” exists between Zahid’s men and Najib’s stalwarts. A truce not among equals but a truce between one who have given their “bought loyalty”  to a leader in hubris (Najib Razak) and another quietly confident as befitting that of a crown prince waiting in the wings for a dying king to die and early death (Zahid Hamidi).
Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein and Tun Mahathir had no use for gate keepers or opportunist sahabats whose existence rested on the spoils of war dispensed by the good grace of their political master. These leaders strength lies within themselves with no need for others.
With the coming of Anwar Ibrahim, Pak Lah, Najib and Muhyiddin, the culture of “sahabats” and “friends”  – all political parasites – became Umno’s culture. These are the self appointed “go to” blood sucking vampires that by design or good fortune, have been able to ingrained themselves into that intimate circle of people that Pak Lah, Najib, Anwar and Muhyiddin and their spouses cannot do without. We know them all and to a man/women they have become insanely wealthy by virtue of their “position” as gate keepers to their political masters.
The same is now happening with the coming of that newly appointed DPM, Zahid Hamidi.
Some of the details you can read here and here. 
But what galls many of us is, again, the hubris that seems to hang like the odor of rotting flesh around these Malay leaders in whatever they do in the name of government. They do not seem to understand that they should not piss in the same perigi where they get their drinking water. With Zahid Hamidi it is the bringing of 1.5 Bangladeshi into our midst.

DPM says policy is not about collection of levies but to fulfill market demands for…

And the matter about his brother’s involvement in the bringing of these Bangladeshis!

He says he’s gets only a few sen from supplying services to Bangladeshi workers.

Zahid Hamidi does not want to bring in the 1.5 million Bangladeshis. The BN government does not want to bring in these 1.5 million Bangladeshis. It is the Employers that is demanding for these 1.5 million Bangladeshis to join the workforce. What he and the government he represents are doing is to respond to the demands of these employers. This is the mantra that Zahid is intoning day in and day out to us. PTUI! 

Really Zahid? Engkau ingat aku ni bodoh? Engkau ingat Rakyat Malaysia bodoh and bagang?

Really Zahid? You, your brother and your sahabats and cronies are not making any money from bringing in these 1.5 million Bangladeshi’s into the country? Well if the above whining from your brother is to be believed…he is making only a few sens from this “business opportunity” that YOU have given him! 

This bringing in of 1.5 million of Bangladeshis is so wrong at many levels….but damm these wrongs…….the making of money is the only thing that matters! This following comment from Jason Thiruchelvam says it all.

The mere size of the arrival is hair-raising to the discerning public, and fund-raising to the opportunistic administration.

God helps us all!