This is always the welcoming image that I see whenever I go back to MC…be it during my time as a student there in the early 60’s after time out on the weekends to go into town or that journey back to Kolet after many many years of being away after I left MC to go try and find my niche in this world that we all live in.
Everything there stays as it has always been…..majestic, serene and quietly waiting for my return. …and the Big Tree a living testimony of a life long past when we assembled under it’s spread to go to Friday prayers, of meetings, discussions or just walking under its welcoming shade on warm hot afternoons after time spent in that royal town of Kuala Kangsar.
I heave a sigh of contentment that MC has stayed the way it has always been even as the world I live in is constantly in flux. And once past that gate into Kolet I know that all will be well and I am safe back in the world that I wish will never leave me…a world that we all share when we go back to our Alma Mater.
This morning, images of MC began to unfold as I awoke from my sleep…..but something was different. Not quiet awake and not yet fully awaken by my first cup of Nescafe I lay in my bed and allowed my mind to wander….wander where ever it wanted to go…and then within a moment I knew what was different!
Last night I went to sleep full with thoughts that my friend Anwar Ibrahim has spend the last one year deprived of his freedom. Deprived of being able to do what we all do  everyday….spending time doing what our heart tells us to do…..doing what we have to do to earn a decent living and spending time with our love ones. Not for one week,not for one year …but in his life, this has happened many many times…more times that any of you can ever imagine. And today, this time around, it has been 365 days since he has been deprived of his freedom! And why has he been deprived of his freedom?
He has been deprived of his freedom this time around for the same reasons he had been deprived of it in the past. He is a threat to the corrupt political thugs, thieves, robbers and goons who are now our political masters by default.
I say by default because Anwar Ibrahim has already won the popular mandate from the people to govern in the last general election….and only his physical incarceration would prevent the Pakatan Rakyat juggernaut from  continuing with ridding our nation of the political stranglehold that Umno has over all things Malaysian. For without Anwar Ibrahim’s physical presence, Pakatan Rakyat could not and did not survive.
All this was on my mind when I went to sleep last night…and it took only a moment this morning for it to again occupy my mind.
That is why even as my thoughts went back to MC…they were troubled by the images of Anwar Ibrahim….an Anwar Ibrahim deprived of all the things that we all take for granted.
I know that by the end of the day Anwar Ibrahim will still be incarcerated in Sungai Buloh and if Najib Razak and his cohorts have their way, he will still be there until the end of his sentence….if not more.

But this I know…..with every voiced protest against his incarceration this corrupt Umno led BN government will be uneasy. 

A thousand voiced protest from us will make this BN government very very uneasy!

So just think my friends what a hundred thousand of our voices raise in unison against the imprisonment of Anwar Ibrahim can do!

If we can raise millions of voice all asking that Anwar Ibrahim must be set free….what do you think this BN government will do? Think about this my friends and let us do what we must to free Anwar Ibrahim.

I am one…with you we are two…who else will join us?

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