We know there is corruption in Malaysia. 
We know there is corruption in the Prime Minister’s Office, in the various ministries, in the government departments, in the Angkatan Tentera, in the Police, in the municipalities……at just about every level and in just about every conceivable nook and crannies within the vast BN government….where a ringgit can be made…there will be someone making it by taking, illegally, from the rakyat, their hard earned cash.
The world knows there is corruption in Malaysia.
Today the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Australia and even New Zealand, among others, have made it their business to investigate our prime minister and his involvement with 1MDB and that stupid thing that he did in putting a RM2.6billion donation into his personal bank account.
Today in most parts of the world our prime minister have all been put in that most shameful of niches that any prime minister can be put into: That of being corrupt.   
Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi, do you live, like the proverbial “katak di bawah
terpurung”, under a tempurung …do you? Are you not aware of the concern our people have about the prime minister depositing a RM2.6 billion “donation” into his
personal account? Are you not aware that already Singapore, the USA, the
United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and France are questioning the improprieties within 1MDB and the depositing of the RM2.6 billion “donation” by our PM
into his private account.
Tan Sri we know that you are an appointee of the prime minister. We know that who the prime minister appoints he can also disappoint : as he did disappoint Gani Patail with an early retirement. 
Common sense will tell you, me and others that you do not have some one you can appoint and disappoint sit in judgement of you when your political future lies in how that judgement is made….unless you are certain that that person will take instructions from you.
So it troubles us that you have sat in judgement of Najib Razak and ruled in his favor.
We question your ability to do so without fear or favor. We question if you have the courage to do the right thing by all of us. Tan Sri we question if the NFA instructions given by you for the police to cease and desists investigation on the prime minister was corruptly issued!
Tan Sri do you take Malaysian for fools or are you a fool masquerading as an AG…are you?
AG do you not think that accepting a directorship in Tabung Haji so
soon after you cleared the PM of any wrong doing in that RM2.6 b
donation is a smart thing to do? Do you not think that
in doing so the people might construed that you were bought by Najib
with that post in TH to clear him of any wrong in that donation?
Are you Tan Sri, in the words of Australians…a dodgy AG? And
that the PM can call upon you for a bit of help…as in this donation
case…because has has your balls tightly in his grasps?
Now let us back up a bit and look at a few other “knows” that we know.
We know that the AG is the chief law officer of the government.
We know that the AG serves the people not his political masters….well he is suppose to do so!
You know and we know that in the past  – in the
time of Mahathir, the judiciary have been compromised to do the bidding
of their political masters.
You, of all people, must
know that there have been numerous questions asked of the improprieties
that Judges have been accuse of – Muslim Judges who have indulged in
sexual misconduct, judges who have taken bribes to look favorably upon
cases over which they are to pass judgement on.
You know that we have been confronted by perceived bias, bias and outright corruption in the judiciary.
There have been judges who are the “go to man” when criminals are looking at having their cases decided in their favor…these are nothing short than “criminal conduct” by the judges. So we want to know Tan Sri if you are the “go to” man for Najib to resolve his donation and 1MDB problems?
And Tan Sri we want to know if any of that RM2.6billion donation deposited in Najib Razak’s personal account went to you?
And there is one more “know” we want to know: 
We want to know Tan Sri, if you are a corrupt Attorney General?