steadyaku47 comment : Tan Sri you are asking the people of Malaysia to stay strong and to believe that righteousness will prevail. Let me ask you this Tan Sri….what will you do if you were in our position? 
We have seen that when you should have stayed loyal to Pak Lah…you did not.
We have seen you say that you were a Malay first and a Malaysian second.
We have been witness to your support for Najib Razak.
Now that you are no longer DPM and now out of the game that Umno politicians are so fond of playing……you turn to the people of Malaysia for assist? 
If the time comes for you to stand with us…will you do so? 
If you have to run the gauntlet……will you do so or will you just shrug your shoulders and turn around with your tail between your legs. Anwar Ibrahim did not do so. Anwar Ibrahim ran the gauntlet. What will you do Tan Sri? What will you do, how far will you go and what will you personally endure to stand with the Rakyat?
The people of Malaysia deserves the corrupt government of Najib Razak because they did not do enough in the last election to do away with it.  By the same token do you not deserve your present fate of no longer being DPM because you have grown lazy, infused with hubris  and insanely wealthy under that same corrupt BN government? How can you abandon Umno to now stand with us….with us who can give you nothing?
How can you expect the Chinese (to whom that CNY message was addressed to) to be bothered about your fate and the fate of this nation when the Malays themselves are not bothered. When the three million Malays who are members of Umno are also not bothered?
You are indeed the smoking gun for Najib. But what will you do Tan Sri…what will you do?
Were you not part of the problem of abuse, corruption and over inflated sense of entitlement that has been the culture of Umno for ages? You are part of the problem …how can you now be part of the solution?
Are you not now, first and foremost looking after your interest rather than that of the Rakyat?
Let us cut to the chase Tan Sri. 
Malaysians are bothered about the darkness that Umno and BN has burdened us with. There are enough educated Malaysians who were bothered enough to give their votes to Anwar Ibrahim in the last election. The silent majority have begun to stir. We believe that what has happened between you and Najib are just snakes turning against each other….and we are still of two minds as to whether we want any part of that treachery you have for each other.
Until you prove to us otherwise Tan Sri…you will be by yourself in your fight against Najib – isolated and without the critical mass of support you need to succeed in your political endeavors.

Difficult as it may be to you Tan Sri, remember that ethics and morality is the mantra we will expect of any future leaders! And we know that that would be an impossibility for the Umno of the present. Tan Sri, leaving Umno would be a start. 
Yes Tan Sri we agree that in the end righteousness and good shall prevail……but until they do, it is those who have big armies and deep pockets who will prevail. What say you Tan Sri? 

Kassim S.A….a friend of mine recently posted on his FB a saying from 1998 worth remembering: “If they can do this to me, imagine what they can do to you.” and he dedicated that saying to Mahathir, Mukhriz, Muhyiddin, Shafie and others whom ‘they’ have yet to do to……

Well Tan Sri today I can welcome you to the “If they can do this to me, imagine what they can do to you.” club!