steadyaku47 comment : This morning I woke up to some wonderful images in a video posted by Hamid Hussin…the essence of what we Malaysians once were and aspire to be again sometime in the near future. Hamid knew my late father for they were both in the Police and Hamid and me also share an Alma Mater – MCKK. …but I digress……
I know too well the joy of celebrating festivals with others not of your race and not of your culture for like Hamid I too have “others”  within my family circle. I am Malay and my wife Greek. Work out for yourself what my children and grand children will be…but again I digress….

My grandchildren Isabel and Sofie growing up in Canada.

I thank Hamid for sharing what his family has….love and respect for each others way of life…in his case…the union of a Malay and Chinese family over Chinese New Year…for is that not the essence of life that we all seek and want for all of us in Malaysia? Tolerance, respect, understanding and acceptance of each other?

“Yee Sang” on CNY eve dinner at my house

Idris Talu
Idris Talu Tumpang
rasa bahagia – Happy New Year. Kalau semua kita boleh begini, alangkah
bahagianya rakyat Malaysia. Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment.