steadyaku47 comment : ahhh the innocence (or should I say the ignorance?) of youth. They want to get arrested so that they will get more publicity and inspire more rebellion. Do you think Anwar Ibrahim did more work and became more famous while he was in Sungai Buloh or when he was outside Sungai Buloh? Go ask any of those artist or activist who have been “guests” of our prison system and find out for yourself if they had gained anything from their stay behind bars? And saudara, the only good thing about being under police watch is that you are not being watch by the police while you are inside the lock up. Anywhere the police can get to you without any one else around is not a good thing. Steady sikit lah brother before they really throw you in the lock up.     

Reza, who is under police watch says it will be unwise for police to
arrest him as it would only expose more people to his artwork and
inspire more rebellion.