Early Thursday morning.

My mind is numb and wants to hibernate from the tidal onslaught of negativity coming from within bolehland that constantly challenges my ability and capacity to endure anymore of the drivel, vengeful and idiotic deeds done in the name of government that this Najib led regime do to us, to our country and to the people within it!
But I know I cannot because if I do, then there will be one less voice to speak out against them. I know that if I do then they have again succeeded in their intimidation and harassment of any one that dares to stand against them. And I know then that the rot in our civil society, the loss of our freedom to think and do what we think is right responsibly and our inability to work towards making a better future for those who will come after……all this negatives that started in earnest with Mahathir’s and now is in full flight under Najib Razak, will simply overwhelm any positivity left within our people and our country.
And so I will continue to write.
Of course I am frustrated and at times feel helpless against those with large armies and deep pockets. It is a constant struggle against a rising tide of political will that understands too well how to wield that power to advantage themselves and no one else….but I am bolstered by what some of you have done to impose your will against this obnoxious, corrupt and bullying BN government led by that wife of Rosmah.
While many of us have already given up on the MACC you cannot deny that from time to time there have been some grumbling from within MACC that has given us cause for hope that maybe….just maybe….MACC is begging to understand what it is that they have to do to fight corruption…..and if the powers that be will not allow them to do so, then there is a higher calling that will give them inner strength to do so…..that of ALLAH and whatever other sense of duty that moves people to do what they must to fight the evil that men do.
There have also been some brave souls from within the Judiciary, PDRM and other government departments that have started to stand tall and speak out in a clear and confident voice against the rot that is already taking place in our civil society, in our government and in all things Malaysians. A rot that, if not arrested now, will leave for our children and future generations, a Malaysia not worth living in. 
To these people we must add our voices for they will not be able to stand tall and speak clearly against this corrupt BN government in isolation from us. 
I write…what will you do? 
Please do give some thoughts to this because every day in many ways, Najib Razak and his cohorts are constantly seeking ways to drown these voices of dissents! Do something…even if it is to raise that one finger against Najib Razak and the Umno led BN regime!

Today there can be no denying that all of us have much to lose if good does not triumph over what Najib Razak wants to do. 
And what does Najib Razak wants to do?
He wants to continue to be our leader. He wants to continue to be our prime minister. And anyone that is against what he wants to do he wants to destroy.

Anwar Ibrahim guilty in sodomy case

Malaysian Singer Soo Wincci Near Bankruptcy After Insulting Prime Minister Najib Razak

Najib Razak Fires Deputy Prime Minister

The Attorney General Fired

And the list goes on…

What Najib Razak has done and is doing in the name of government has gone beyond anything that we have had to endure from successive Umno led BN government since Merdeka. We now have a government of deceit.