you imagine that the Prime Minister’s department is spending RM20,000
million a year, or RM1,700 million a month, or RM56 million per day?
For that kind of spending, we can build
one thousand economy houses for the have-nots every day of the year!
Shouldn’t we have a royal commission of inquiry to probe into just how
the Prime Minister is spending that much of taxpayers’ money?

Further, our jumbo-sized prime minister’s department alone has as many
cabinet ministers as half of the total cabinet ministers in US, the
world’s wealthiest nation producing one quarter of the total GNP of the
world, with a population ten times that of Malaysia. Can’t we smell
something terribly wrong with our Prime Minister and his cabinet? 

Shouldn’t we be doing a massive slimming exercise starting with the
Prime Minister and his cabinet, rather than turning our students into
sacrificial lambs for the reckless profligacy of our political leaders?