Party cites failure to unite members or plan for 14th General Election as reasons PM needs to remove him.
steadyaku47 comment :
Anybody with half a brain now knows the length that Najib will go to save his ass. Time and time again he has done what he perceived he has to do to make sure his back is covered. He does not know of any other way to pertahankan his “authority” but to take out those who cannot be moved by money or position offered to go over to the dark side….into Najib Razak’s den of iniquity where thieves, robbers and liars are a aplenty.
Do you not think that Mukhriz and his father had not discussed this possibility…and prepared themselves for it? There is no fury like a father scorned!
Like Muhyiddin, Gani Patail, Kevin Morais and others who have been removed to save Najib’s ass….all of them can, will and have done more damage to Najib once removed from office than while they were in office. Even the late Altantuya and now Kevin Morais have literally come back from death to haunt Najib. 
Who in Umno is next in line? 
Najib do not cast your eyes too far ahead lest you lose
sight of your DPM. For now Zahid has your back covered….which makes
it easier for him to plunge that knife into your back anytime he feels
he has his own back covered! 
But he will not be the only one drilling holes in your “boat”……there will be many others.