In Malaysia money and pangkat can take you almost anywhere you want to go and anything you want to do. Anybody with an ounce of authority – from the mata mata who walks the streets on his beat to the prime minister in putrajaya  – every single one of them guard their turf jealously lest any one decides to usurp the authority they claim as their own.They guard that “authority” jealously because for those who are so inclined, that is how they “cari makan”.
Najib and Rosmah has taken that “authority” to a level never before seen even in Umno. Never before seen in the history of our Nation. From the time Najb entered politics  – especially his tenure as the Defense Minister – his use and abuse of that “authority” for personal gain and advancement of his political self is odious to the extreme. Odious in its regularity and odious in the amount of cash it has directed to Najib, his family and cronies without regard for any other sensibilities but greed and more greed. 
And no circumstance has shown up Najib use, misuse and abuse of his “authority” more than the purchase of the Scorpene Submarine and the resulting murder of Altantuya, 1MDB and that infamous RM2.6 billion “donation” deposited into his personal account.  
In the past years since he became DPM and then PM, public distaste and odium for the manner Najib and his wife conducts their private and public affairs have now been joined by those from within Umno led by Tun Dr Mahathir and by Najib’s deputy, Muhyiddin Yassin, whom he dismissed from office a few months back. Together the public and these Umno stalwarts are giving Najib and Rosmah a very clear message : 
Leave….and leave NOW!
Sometime in the last few months of 2015 so loud and acrimonious were these demands for Najib to go that even Najib and Rosmah understood that the walls surrounding Seri Perdana and the office of Prime Minister could no longer protect them from the natives who were now not only restless but wanting and demanding that both of them be held accountable for the use, abuse and misuse of their “authority” while in public office. 
And so these two contemptible human beings began the process of finding a way out of their plight, if not without their dignity intact, then at least they wanted their illegally obtained financial hoard beget during Najib’s time in public office to be intact!
In the last few months the tide has turned for Najib and Rosmah as Umno itself was forced to fight for its own survival as a series of events and exposures pointed to one inescapable reality: 
That Najib Razak, president of Umno and prime minister of Malaysia, had deliberately lied and misled Umno and the people of Malaysia over a number of issues. 
It is one thing for those in Umno to band together and together do what they must do to the people and to this country of ours so that they can hold on to political power and enrich their own selves. This they have done many many times in the past and will continue to do so in the future as this is considered to be their “entitlement” and the spoils of political power.
What is not acceptable to Umno was that their president Najib Razak would deliberately lie to them to have for himself what they all covert…political power and insane wealth. Najib has done both. And he has been caught out – especially over the murder of Altantuya, 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion donations.       
And as you all know too well by the goings on during every perhimpunan Umno in PWTC, hell has no fury like the warlords of Umno scorned! 
What you see now are the desperate last days of Najib and Rosmah’s as factions and individuals within Umno starts the process of “renewal” ….as they always do at the going of one president and the anointment of another. Alliances have to be forged, factions old and new are to gauged for relevance to the incoming powers that be and there will be a great deal of activities among the sahabats as they adjust to the going of one president and the entry of another.
And of course for Umno there is money always to be made and lost in all this.  
Yes Najib is on his way to his Valhalla but there will not be many left around him to comfort him once he is out of office. His wife will no longer have a trophy husband and maybe she may be persuaded to dig her claws out of his long suffering soul and allow him the pleasure of seeking a “trophy wife” ala Taib Mahmud…..that is if he is allowed to keep any of his ill gotten gains he collected while in public office!
As for most of us….we will indeed be please to see the back of this man who has caused our people and our nation so much…..and hopefully we can then begin the process of renewal and change.  

Note : It is now 5.52 AM and I have spent the last few hours writing this post because I cannot get any sleep thinking of what is now happening in Malaysia. From all the “news” that has been coming my way from KL I think that Najib and Rosmah’s end is indeed near. Let us hope that what comes after these two will allow our nation and our people to heal.