LUMPUR, Jan 18 — Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob has sought
to explain his state’s perceived inaction over the bauxite mining

Steadyaku47 comment :

What a pathetic loser of an MB this Adnan is!
This is Bauxite Mining that we are talking about…and what do you need to mine Bauxite?

You need bulldozers to prepare the site, excavators to dig for the ore and huge lorries to transport the ore…and these are not things you can hide in your pocket! They make a lot of noise and are very very bulky and heavy….they need petrol and men to operate them and they are very conspicuous and you cannot fail to see them unless you close one eye and shut the other!  

As the State PTG director Nazri Abu Bakar said “enforcement officers have seized 51 lorries, 30 excavators and one giant tipper dumper”…and there are still mining! Aiyah go seize some more lah! 
Now we know that Jakim can see through walls in the middle of the night to find Muslims fornicating and yet this Pahang State Government under Adnan cannot find miners using bulldozers, excavators and huge lorries right under their very nose! I wonder why? 
They “run away” he says! “run away” to where? Into the Istana ground where none of Adnan’s “inadequate resources” dare venture into? Or maybe run into the MB’s house to hide? Again another place where those “law enforcement” officers dare not venture? Try looking into the Umno Hq there…another place they may be hiding in! 

He says the state “lacks manpower” to police the illegal bauxite miners!

Really Adnan? 

Go  ask Fuziah Salleh or Fauzi Rahman for help…not only will they provide you with information about these illegal and legal bauxite miners that are causing so much devastation to the environment and to the people of Kuantan – but they can tell you where you can find them! No need to go to the Federal government….Fuziah and Fauzi will give you all the help you need. 

They can muster the people of Pahang to act as vigilantes and help your government to police these miners…no need to “pay” them or their people any money for unlike the PTG, JPJ, the Police and other “Law Enforcement” officers in your state, Fuziah and Fauzi are doing this because Pahang is their State and they want to do what is right for the people of their state. 

And of course Fuziah and Fauzi are not getting any “kick backs’ or “donations” from any of these miners – legal or illegal. 
If you are not getting any “kick backs” or “donation” from these miners why are you and your “law enforcement” officers unable to see what is happening to Kuantan today? Are you closing one eye and shutting the other eye because you do not want to get any of the red dirt that is flying all over the place to get into your eyes? 

Go do your job Adnan….
you and your Sultan should not be making money out of the misery of your own Pahang people! 
Malu lah sikit! 

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also said the state has inadequate resources to halt the lucrative
illegal bauxite mining that has since snowballed into a major pollution
and health problem, pointing out that Pahang only has 18 enforcement
officers under the Land and Mines Office (PTG) to oversee the entire
state and was only able to implement round-the-clock checks for two
“The state lacks manpower, with federal assistance, enforcement is
effective. It is not that we procrastinated or delayed (enforcement) but
it was just beyond our capacity.
“When we fully enforced with our limited resources for two months, the
result was positive at first… then slowly we saw the repercussions. We
even lost one of our PTG officers who died in an accident after his
shift ended at 2am,” he said in the interview .
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