steadyaku47 comment : Najib Razak does not understand many things…LEGITIMACY of his position as “elected” leader is one of them. With thanks to Sopian Ahmad.

is one thing obvious that PM Najib does not seem to understand about
government, in particular, elected representative government. Most
probably he must be thinking that once elected he must have been
entrusted with a mandate to rule and rule he does, whichever way he
thinks is right!
But in a matured democratic system, being
elected alone does not fully defined your mandate to rule or to act. On
top of being elected, there must be “LEGITIMACY.”
What defined that legitimacy
is crucial for his credibility to govern. Legitimacy comes from a fair
and free election process. The whole procedures of registering voters,
establishing the boundaries of the constituencies, the actual
preparation of voting papers, ballot boxes, transportation of voting
materials add up to determine the legitimacy of the elected post/s held
by the participants in a democracy…. very much like what BERSIH is
fighting for in Malaysia.
In Malaysia elections have been under questions!

With or without the RM2.6 Billion, unless effective efforts are taken
to address those questions, Najib’s credibility has been adversely

Once, legitimacy is seen as being eroded, governance started to become ineffective.
That is what is happening in the political scene of Malaysia today.