has been detected in Pahang’s bauxite mining and the Malaysian
Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has vowed to take action against
steadyaku47 comment : Corruption detected in Pahang’s Bauxite mining! Woi MACC…ini cerita lama lah! The Sultan is corrupt, the MB is corrupt….and you expect those PTG guys to be clean? Where got road lah! 
There are 40,00 illegals working as Guards in Malaysia….I shudder to think how many of those 40,000,  are carrying weapon as part of their work….what is MACC doing about that?
PDRM are raking in the money from bribes and “protection money” from massage parlors and prostitutes dens scattered all over KL. What is MACC doing about that?
Immigration, Customs, JPJ….any damm government department that deal with serving and servicing the needs of the public are all treating the rakyat as their private ATM open 24 hours! What is MACC doing about that?
Go to any Minister’s Office and check the drawers of his Political Secretary and his gate keepers and you will find their drawers overflowing with CASH! Check their pockets, their briefcase and their Bank Accounts….money money everywhere!
So what gave those PTG officers in Pahang away? How did MACC found out that they were corrupt?
Was it because Pahang had been ravaged by these illegal bauxite operators with impunity without the authority doing anything about it?
Or was it because fishes were dying in the rivers of Pahang? Sudah check apa pasal Fisheries Department diam aja?

Hundreds of mullet fish were discovered dead in the river along Sungai Balok Makmur and Sungai Tonggak in Kuantan, Pahang, Jan 5, 2016. — Bernama picHundreds
of mullet fish were discovered dead in the river along Sungai Balok
Makmur and Sungai Tonggak in Kuantan, Pahang, Jan 5, 2016. — Bernama pic

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Was it because  the sea off Kuantan was already turning red ? Sudah check pasal apa ni berlaku?
What about the roads turning red? JPJ kut?
And tolong check sikit why this guy is closing one eye and shutting the other re the illegal bauxite mining in Pahang!
And this guy konon nya marah tapi still raking in the ringgits from bauxite mining – legal and illegal!
 Pening kepala aku!
So really MACC when you caught those PTG guys with their hands in the cookie jar it is no surprise to the poor long suffering people of Kuantan. They have known for a long long time that the PTG, the MB’s office, the Sultan, PDRM, JPJ etc etc are part of the problems  – they are not the people who are going to solve the problem of those legal and illegal bauxite mining in Pahang.  
Maybe you should check why your MACC officers took so long to find out about the corrupt PTG guys…..jangan marah ya….just pointing out the obvious so that you can put your house in order first before you go after the others! 
Money Talks! I hope MACC is not listening!