for Golden Churn, Tabasco and QBB all suffered losses due to officers
from Jakim who demanded extraordinary figure bribe, gambling allowances,
prostitutes and free travel overseas. 
Every year Jakim will
scout one or two companies to make their demands. In most cases the
amount are reasonable. But for the past three years the figure asked
1) A week inspection at suppliers’ plant which are based overseas for three to six officers from Jakim. Hotels five stars and travel first class. 

2) Pocket allowances for gambling and women which can amount to RM60,000 per person. 

3) Then more allowance in Malaysia from RM30,000 to RM48,000 per person.
So how many companies can continue to meet the demands of Jakim?
Last June, the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jabatan
Kemajuan Islam Malaysia – Jakim) revealed that tests on HP Sauce and
Tabasco Pepper Sauce, confirmed the presence of pig DNA.
expected, the brand owners of HP Sauce and Tabasco pepper sauce, HJ
Heinz and McIlhenny Company respectively, issued a statement denying
that the products were not halal.
The statement read: “HP Sauce
is certified halal by Halal Audit Company, an Islamic certification
authority in the Netherlands where the factory is located. Heinz,which
is the manufacturer of HP Sauce, has done tests for traces of pig DNA
and has submitted the results to the Malaysian Islamic Development
Department (Jakim) and no trace of pig DNA was found”.
also confirmed that Tabasco was certified halal by the Islamic Food and
Nutrition Council of America, an Islamic authority in the United States.
Furthermore, the sauce is made from natural ingredients and does not
contain any animal by-product.|By Mohd. Kamal bin Abdullah