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With thanks to Ghazally Ismail

me to introduce my oft-intolerable yet cute art teacher Tuan Syed

He taught me art at MCKK. But he also has this quirky ability to
use art to get out of sticky situations.
By nature he has always been a cool non-conformist and consistently
unorthodox in whatever he does. Or shall I say he hates being told what
to do or is simply indisciplined. 

At one staff meeting, at MCKK he
wasn’t wearing a tie when everyone else in the room did. It was an
unwritten rule to look respectable and formal when attending such
monthly meeting chaired by our Mat Salleh headmaster then NJ Ryan. The
senior assistant principal Cikgu JK Iyer took offence at Syed Bakar”s
blatant disregard for just a simple rule as wearing a tie. What was he
trying to prove? A James Dean wannabe, a rebel without a cause or what? 

So Cikgu Iyer decided to take a swipe at Tuan Syed’s all too often
non-conformist attitude. He let out a lengthy sarcastic tirade on the
importance of disciplines among teachers and blah blah blah..

Minutes later Tuan Syed got up from his chair and made his
way to the door. Everyone assumed he was visiting the loo. But lo and
behold, he soon appeared with his shirt collar all buttoned up and
dangling from his neck was a beautiful floral tie he had drawn onto his
shirt using a marker pen. Seriously hilarious! 

Silently he took his

Within seconds, whispers, elbow exchanges and small giggles became
contagious around the table. 

JK Iyer looked up in utter disgust but NJ
Ryan slowly raised his fist over his month to cover his smile and
probably muted his familiar chuckles as well. He just couldn’t contain
the “respect and formality” that instantly filled the room. But the rest
of the teachers around the table looked down at their shoes to avoid
being noticed by then fuming J K Iyer. 

Now did you get to understand
where I learned the habit of annoying people around me if not from my
beloved art teacher himself? 

Love you Tuan Syed.

steadyaku47 comment : He was my arts teacher too!