Wednesday, 21 October 2015 17:42

Woman BASHED UP in Kota Baru for ‘having affair with husband of another

KOTA BARU, Oct 21, 2015:Police
have detained three women suspected of assaulting another after the
video of the incident went viral on social media recently. 

main suspect, a 27-year-old known as Ika, was detained after
surrendering herself to the Kota Baru District Police Headquarters
yesterday while the other two were arrested in in Pengkalan Chepa and
Padang Tembak.
are also on the hunt for another two suspects, one of which has been
identified as Mok B and ‘Ninja’, who was seen in the footage brutally
attacking the victim, and is believed to have gone into hiding.

Baru Police chief ACP Rohaimi Md Isa said the incident took place at
about 10am at a residential area near Wakat Mek Zainabon on Oct 15, but
only came to light two days ago.

He said the three suspects, who were detained, had been remanded for three days, starting today.“Initial
investigations revealed that the altercation took place as a result of a
misunderstanding whereby the main suspect had accused the victim of
stealing and having an affair with the husband of another suspect,” he
said when met today.


Police also found out that the victim was driven to another site only where she was hit with a steering lock.

case is being investigated for voluntarily causing grievous hurt. We
are also asking the other two suspects to come forward to assist in the
investigations,” he said.“There are
five suspects and another three victims involved in the case. However,
the other victims could not do anything because they feared being

footage of the brutal assault showed the victim being punched in the
abdomen and face, apart from being slapped and having her hair pulled by
her attackers.-TheRakyatPost

Haaaaa lagi satu video jalang gangster kaki buli tu…