Berita Daily

08/10/2015 08:22 AM
Is there a revolt brewing within PKR?
What deal will be struck to have Anwar as the PM designate should the opposition somehow manage to win a general election?

We are told that DAP and PKR are in talks, re the formation of
Pakatan Harapan without PAS. Let me rephrase that to allow ordinary folk
to understand what is really happening.

Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim, through Anwar’s proxy/wife/alter
ego, are in discussions to ensure that Anwar will be the designated
Prime Minister should a DAP and PKR coalition (with anybody else) win a
general election….any general election!

If Anwar, for whatever reason (Sungai Buloh included) cannot be
PM, then Azizah will be his proxy PM/will be PM until Anwar can be
PM/Azizah will be PM and do as Anwar bids her to do. Tick whichever of
the above is, in your opinion, applicable.

Yes folks, it is not DAP and PKR who are discussing these things –
it is Kit Siang and Anwar. Numero uno on their agenda is: What deal
will DAP and PKR have to do with each other to have Anwar as the
designated PM should the opposition somehow manage to win a general

If it means keeping PAS out of Pakatan Rakyat for Kit Siang to
endorse Anwar as the designated PM, Azizah will agree! And damn what
anybody else wants! That is why there is a revolt fermenting within PKR.

There are enough elements within PKR who will tell the Anwar’s
family that nepotism is a not in the best interest of PKR. Do these
elements have the numbers to succeed in what they want to do? Well for
starters, 25 members of the MPP have signed on the dotted line to ask
Azizah to explain why her ‘bikin’ (deed) is different from her ‘cakap’

The issue at hand is simply this: 1 Anwar wants to be PM. 2 DAP
wants PAS out of the coalition. 3 PKR wants PAS included in any
opposition coalition.

No ambiguity in issue number one: Anwar Ibrahim wants to be PM.
Issue number two: DAP wants PAS out for a number of reasons. Bottom
line, DAP does not need PAS to hold on to, and to govern Penang and
there is bad blood between Kit Siang and Hadi (like school kids fighting
at interval over petty things!)
Issue number three: PKR needs PAS to hold on to and govern Selangor.

Anything else bandied about by anyone else is pure
gobbledygook…pure ‘tempoyak’ or ‘budu’ i.e. preferred by some but
dismissed by the many others.

If you think there are shades of the Selangor MB melodrama
here…you are right! Remember? Unable to be MB, Anwar wanted to keep it
all in the family and wanted Azizah to be MB in his place. They had
they numbers, so they said; They had the support of DAP and PKR, they
said; all done bar the Fat Lady singing, they said!

‘No!’ said the Sultan, ‘No!’ said PAS, Yes!’ said Azmin. End of story. Finito! Azizah out. Azmin became MB!

situation today with Pakatan Harapan but Azmin Ali is no longer the
same Azmin of the pre-MB Selangor days. Today Azmin is leader of PKR in
everything but name. He has not been tainted by the Selangor MB debacle.
He, not Azizah, has the numbers in PKR to get what he wants done.

To hold on to and govern Selangor, Azmin needs PAS. Azmin will have PAS!

Damn the people of Selangor

That is if you believe that when it comes to putting the matter
to the rank and file within PKR to vote for PAS’ exclusion or inclusion
in any new coalition of the opposition, it really is PKR and not Anwar
Ibrahim who will finally decide!