My blogging Heaven
I hit sixty six last
Thursday. The first thing I decided to do that morning was to reply to everyone
of you that took the trouble to wish me best wishes for that day. If you can
make the effort to send me your greetings the least I can do is to make an
effort to acknowledge it. If I did miss anyone…maaf. I know what I want to do
but sometimes at sixty six the heart, the brain and the physical act of doing
does not coordinate as you would like them to do. That is why on top of writing
every thought that I want to include in my writing so that I will not
forget them I also have a day by day calender propped up on the right hand of
my PC monitor where I write what I have to do in the days and weeks to come.
And still I forget. Still I cannot ingat what I want or have to write! Ahhh old
age…you do test my resolve to settle into accepting that you are here with me
for good.
What are my hopes and
the things that concern me now? World peace? Do something about climate change?
Save the Orang Utan of Borneo? Well those things are somewhere at the back of
my mind…but this morning I have to take the rubbish out first. Then I want to steam
clean the balcony because Summer is almost upon us and we want to use the
balcony once in a while to look out towards Melbourne city about five minutes
away. I said that I will do that chore a few days back but common sense tells
me that I need to wait for the time when the three planets and a star cluster
converge in a close encounter that should begin in the very near future. And so
I wait. 
All is quiet on the
western front but there is excitement in Melbourne for the Melbourne Cup is
tomorrow. When I was in London in the 60’s I could tell you where Lester Piggot
would be riding and what horse he would be on. Who can forget Piggot and
Nijinsky! Today I am not bothered to even put a wager on the possible winner of
the Melbourne Cup because the effort of trying to understand how to do so puts
me off. Today doing anything that tax my physical or mental self must be measured
in direct proportions as to what it will do for me – yes very selfish of me I
know but at sixty six I have granted myself that right.
Except this blog. It takes considerable effort on my part to keep this blog
alive but an effort I accept with grace because it gladdens my heart to know
that you read what I write. Sometimes you hantam me  – do not think that it does not do me some discomfort when
you do so – it does, but only for a moment. Then I shrug it off and tell myself
“To each his own!”….but (and this is where I get my own back at you) if you are
stupid enough to read what you do not like, what kind of an idiot are you? And
then I smile and get on with working on my blog.
Okay enough of this
cakap cakap. Now I got to do some real work….take the frozen chicken out and
plan lunch. My wife has to eat, my son has to eat and most important of all…I
have to eat!