Aisehman steadylah. You all whack me left, right and centre! I am NOT surrendering just yet but I am asking you all to take five while I get my bearings realigned. When steadyaku47 gets hammered by 90% of those that have taken the trouble to leave their comment it means that I have done something to upset them! Okay I hear you all loud and clear! No need to call me orang tua, nyanuk, mentah or even worse! How to be mentah when I am already 65! I am past Abang, past Pak Chik even past Saudara. I am already a Tok! If I were a car I can now be legally classified as being ‘vintage’ but being a blogger you can still label me as ‘mentah’….where got road?   

FMZ says that I say what I think is right and you all say what I say is wrong. No need to f#*k around on that. I understand….no, my under is not standing (already 65 mah!)….I am saying that I understand …FAHAM! I am not going on a vendetta. I ain’t got no fight with nobody….not even, as Muhammad Ali the Gretest said –  with the Vietcong. But I don’t mind telling you that UMNO is now within range….but I must be careful…because when your enemy is within range, so are you! 

HH, you are not on the ground, you can imagine but you don’t know what it’s really like. I saw some guys try to do something to a dilapidated place. PAS was going to hold a ceramah and they didn’t have chairs, let alone fans or anything. So we helped,

Agree I am not on the ground and I do not know what it is really like being on the ground. My heart and utmost respect goes out to those of you that walk the talk…and do rather then just say – like those of you that help out PAS and do quietly your work for PR. I am rethinking where I should really be in the lead up to the 13th general election – here or in KL. It is harder to hear your heartbeat this far away…but in KL am I not too close to the maddening crowd? The jury is still out on that.

And heavens forbid…I will not want to do anything to deliberately harm the cause of ABU and of Pakatan Rakyat. 

What do the opposition have? They only have the Internet as a source to propagate awareness to the few who can be reached in the hope they can help reach others who cant or don’t use the net.

And ‘YES’ I am aware that we in the opposition only have the Internet to get our messages across to those who want to know the truth. It has cross my mind that what I write is helping Barisan-UMNO cause – but that is collateral damage. I hope that what I write will help Pakatan Rakyat more in making PR understand the need for change.

If you really want to help the opposition, come back to Malaysia and do the easy part, the walkabouts.

I know it’s your right to write whatever you want..BUT everything have a price. From what I see here is that you are stepping whipping on the Weak,and Strengthening the MIGHTY

Point taken! They have walkabouts over here too…but very tame compare to the walkabouts you are talking about back in ‘Boleh Land’

Lebih menakutkan apabila rakan-rakan sekerja yang 4 tahun lepas mengundi PR kini telah marah dengan PR dan mengatakan akan kembali kepada parti pemerintah sekarang!

Justru, Bro. Hussein, kita mesti teruskan ABU. Bakarlah semangat setiap dari kita sehingga menjadi ABU!

Yes Brother…that is also my fear. That is why I write what I write. PR needs all the help it can get from us! Keep the RAGE against UMNO-Barisan! Keep the fire burning!

It seems that the more you write the more confused you had become.

No brother I am not confused. I write not to ‘syok sendiri’…there are other things you can do to ‘syok sendiri’ as you would probably know from experience. I write because I have something to say and I am grateful that you all do read what I write  – more so when you take the trouble to leave a comment to agree or to argue rationally against what I write. And I read, listen and hear what you all say – thank you! Every time I read what YOU write, I learn something new…even if it is another way of asking someone to go kiss that part of his anatomy where the sun does not shine.
Begitu juga apa yang telah berlaku kepada En Hussein. Anda telah terpengaruh dengan agenda RPK dan anda sendiri sekarang sedang menulis artikel artikel yang mahu kami penyokong pembangkang mulai curiga terhadap perjuangan mereka.
Do not for a moment think that I write to the drum that Petra beats….not even to the one Anwar or Najib beats. I dance to my own tune, in my own time and in my own way. Sometimes like somebody dancing away when they think nobody is watching but most times more like the waltz –  serene and peaceful. I write what I feel inside me and I am at peace with myself.

Hi steadyaku47,
How do you know that my friends and I are not doing as much as we possibly can to convince and to assure the others that Pakatan Rakyat can be a Good New Federal Government if given a chance?

Of course I do not know! Why not write to me about it earlier so that I know? Why wait until I hantam you and then you turn around and whack me? It is good that you got your husband to go to that DSAI’s ceramah. I know that DSAI can sure talk…and I mean that in the nicest possible way! I just wish you would all write to me about what you do for PR and ABU so that we can each know what the other is doing to assist PR. 

And Shuk I agree with you that most of these guys do not understand what agree to disagree means…so we have to tell them without them knowing that I am telling them –if not they will get more upset!

Uncle Hussein, if everybody is not good. Present Government is not good, Opposition is also not good. Who do I vote for..Cows and Chickens? Not trying to be rude, but I think better I vote for opposition because this goverment has been bad, in fact very bad for far too long.

I agree with you but in the process can we try and make PR a little bit better? Maybe if we aim for the stars we might just make it past Gunung Tahan or even Mount Kinabalu….camna can or not? And for the record Cows and Chicken do not stand for election no matter what you were taught in primary school….monkeys and chimpanzees do. But you will only find them in the UMNO led Barisan Nasional. And Beruks you can find in Perkasa. Do not get me started on Donkeys and Rotting Fishes!

Sein, just because you are in the comfort in the land of plenty over there don’t think we Malaysian are naive nor fools mate…

I never play anybody for a fool not do I consider you guys naïve because what I do not like to be done to me I do not do unto others. That is why engage you all in discussing what I think is right or wrong with PR in the hope that it will set you guys thinking and hopefully go do something about it – even if it is to leave your thoughts on this blog. I said sometime back that I will focus more on the though process rather then on gutter politics. 

we want abu. nomatterwhat. anwar could kill my mother. he is the only one that can bring down umno. i will support him.

This sentiment worries me. If anybody kills my mother I will hunt them down to the ends of the earth…but maybe what anon is saying here is just to emphasize that he supports DSAI no matter what! Again point taken…you may be die hard supporters of DSAI for PM….so do not get too upset when you meet die hard supporters of Najib for PM…what happens then? Should not common sense rule the day?

Is it the malaysian’s fate to be forever be conned and ruled by UMNO whether from the current UMNO or the new UMNO from PKR

Anyway, all this is moot…be very conviced that the current UMNO will NOT allowed itself to be defeated…these warlords would rather perform scorch earth policy than to surrender. The other big warlords in PKR better fold up their dream to be the new kings to start their own rounds of robbing and pillaging.

Yes brother that is what we do not want to happen to our country after the elections – who ever wins! Especially the scorched earth policy. UMNO is already quiet good at this but they call it “Being In Government” policy. There are many ways to skin the cat and skinning a country is the same thing. 

Hussein, DSAI is struggling, if you really want to know. He is, do you notice the physical changes on his face, his head, his hair. The machinery is not oiled well.
Do you not think I know? Do you not think I care? That is why I say that DSAI should be King Maker and not King himself because when he is King Maker then there is no target for Barisan-UMNO to attack with their gutter politics. With DSAI in front PR have been on a stop go stop go progress on the way to the 13th general election….there must be a better way to travel towards Putrajaya. Not in a Rolls Royce all the time but a Lexus would be nice.

At least in you blog all comments are written by your readers who like you and share their thoughts and feelings with you.

When all is said and done I think we are all the better for reading what each of us have written… I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every comment sent to me…..including those that have been unable to express themselves in any other manner other then using those expletives deleted colourful phrases. To each his own.    

This afternoon I discussed with my son Zack how I should write a reply to those comments on “Without Fear or Favour” after having suitably calmed myself down for the last two days. Should I be confrontational or should I accept the fact that you guys are upset by what I wrote and see if we can find common ground to go ahead with our life? Going ahead with our life means I, me and myself  will continue writing without fear or favour and you all continue to hantam me when you think I deserve same.

I decided that common sense was the better side of valour and I will not call any of you guys ‘moronic idiots’  – however much you deserve it! And of course some of you deserve it more that the others but hey, that is my opinion!

Instead I will say this: “Okay guys, point taken!”. This maybe MY blog and MY writing but it is nothing if you guys do not read and comment on what I write. So I write and you read!

For now at least we all agree on one thing. The need for CHANGE. Until my next posting…

Buah Cempedak di luar pagar
Ambil galah tolong jolokan.
Saya Budak baru belajar
Kalau salah tolong tujukan….Peace!