I will not allow what others think is right to make right what I think is wrong. It is in my nature to take the road less travelled. To argue for issues I believe in even as you may argue against it. To state my case without fear and favour but at the same time being mindful of the right of others to hold firm to what is their own beliefs. Each and everyone of us are different and have our own thoughts and our own convictions but even if we agree to disagree we should still attempt to understand each other.

Debate with those that doubt your reasoning. Listen to what the other have to say and state your stand without rancour or anger. And when all is said and done do not forget that we are still of the human race. That we need to live and co exists with each other even if I am a Muslim and you are an infidel. Even if some eat pork and some will not touch it. And even if you are with Barisan Nasional and I am with Pakatan Rakyat.  We are still, in the final analysis, MALAYSIANS – East or West, North or South, young or old of any race, any beliefs and of any political persuasion.    

What disturbs me today is that our people are intolerant of others who hold different views from them. It reminds me of those days when PAS and UMNO supporters were praying in different mosques, under their own Imams, pitting brothers against brothers, father against sons, husband against wife, Muslim against Muslim because they believe the others are infidel simply because of their political beliefs!

Today again we are a nation divided – not by race or religion but by our politics.

You can call anyone that disagrees with your political convictions a traitor, a rogue or an idiot but I will not!

You can threaten to physically harm my family, myself and destroy my material possessions (of which I have little) – but I will still tell you that DSAI is not spending enough time on the ground to advance the cause of Pakatan Rakyat while Najib is working hard to advance the cause of Barisan Nasional! And I say this because it is true!

Do what you will, say what you want and publish what you feel and I will be mindful of all of it – but if by doing so you have still not convince me that I am wrong to think that UMNO is now ahead of Pakatan Rakyat in the race to form government after the 13th general elections – then I will continue to hold that though for now.

I did not say that I want Barisan Nasional to form government. I did not say that I want Najib Razak to be Prime Minister. I did not say that UMNO is not corrupt, arrogant and irresponsible in the manner they have govern this country! I have said none of those things!

What I am saying is that Pakatan Rakyat is in denial. DSAI is in denial. PKR is in denial. And many amongst you are also in denial. You are in denial that we who support Pakatan Rakyat are fighting a lean, mean and cash rich UMNO that have everything that we do not have to win a general election. Look around you, open your eyes, listen and hear and understand our predicament. We are on a losing team!

We cannot win with a losing team! Just as an accountant does budget for a deficit! It will be difficult to win a soccer match when our team are already one goal down with only injury time left to play. Even Michael Schumacher – many times World F1 Champion –  could not win a single race in 2011 because he did not have the right car to win the race. My dear friends we who support the opposition are now one goal down with only injury time left to play. We in the opposition are now Michael Schumacher, six times world F1 champion but without a wining car to drive….and before it is too late, we want those that we support to understand this and do something about  winning the 13th general elections. For win we must as our country cannot survive another five years of UMNO’s rule!

That is why I write what I write. That is why any other bloggger that believes that we must have change if our people and our country is to provide our children with a better future continue to remind our political leaders that they too, must do their part to make this change that we all desperately want and need! 

And when we do remind Pakatan Rakyat of this you tell us that we are traitors?

You tell me that I have sold my soul, myself and all that I have worked for in the past three years – sold it all for personal gain to UMNO?

You tell me this and you expect me to do what?

Tell you all that DSAI is our saviour when I know he is not?

Tell you all that Pakatan Rakyat will win the 13th general election when they have not done enough to deserve so?

Tell you UMNO is without support from the Malays when it is obvious that the Malays are waiting to be persuaded otherwise by UMNO or Pakatan Rakyat? When the majority of voters in Malaysia today are also in the same frame of mind?

If you think I or others like me will not continue to write what we now write about Pakatan Rakyat or UMNO just because of what you tell us – then you will be wrong. We now live in a world where all I need to do is power my PC in the morning and I will know what DSAI and Najib have been doing even as I was sleeping a few thousand kilometres away. If Najib comes to Australia and Rosmah spends a few hundred thousand ringgits on her shopping spree I will know of it and so will others who care to know. If DSAI debates Juilan Assange with or without Petra I will know about it – and not only will I know about it, I can follow that debate in real time – if I wish to do so! And if that Lion of Jelutong is upset with his own DAP colleagues on issues I am unclear about, I will know about him being upset-though I still do not know why!   

Saudara that is the world we now live in. The 24 hours news cycle. There is intense media scrutiny on any issue that you care to think about and you think people do not know what is happening in Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional?

Stop being in denial! Stop being blind and deaf to what is being said not only about PKR but also about anything else that needs to be said about our country and more. Listen and learn. And I say it here once again – we in the opposition have lost our momentum even as we turn the final corner towards the 13th general election. Like you I do not want us to lose. Unlike you I accept that and want to do something about it.

I am one. With you I am two. Who else shall join us to make the change necessary within Pakatan Rakyat so that victory against Barisan Nasional at the 13th general election is still within our reach? Even with DSAI we want what is best for PKR, PR and for the people of this nation. And even today we are still willing to forgive, forget and to move on against UMNO and towards change…..the quality of mercy is not strained…it droppeth like the gentle rain….. so please suadara dan saudari….think! To win against UMNO requires an extraordinary effort from all of us.
Do your part and I will do mine.