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Saturday, 28 January, 2012 9:34 PM

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the constitution is very clear. it does not tie the constitutional malay category to the blood lineage. if you are muslim, speak malay habitually and live ordinarily with peninsular malay cultural norms, then you are one. maknanya, in malaysia asalkan sanggup berasimilasi masuk ke dalam bangsa melayu, it doesn’t matter what race your parents are, which also means adopted children from chinese backgrounds into malay families are accepted as malays. if not, still malaysians, but not malay. this is a better safeguard of the persistance of the malay culture in this land, compared to blood lineage alone. i mean, orang melayu yang dah jadi kebaratan, tak ada rupa budaya melayu lagi, is they a vehicle to perpetuate the malay thought and culture? tentu tidak. budaya itu yang penting, darah keturunan itu cuma pembawanya sahaja. 

objektif utama anak bumi malaysia yang asalnya dari kerantauan pulau-pulau melayu ini sebenarnya cumalah dua: walaupun bermasyarakat majmuk, biarlah budaya dominan itu budaya bangsa-bangsa asal rantau ini, dan kedua, supaya agama islam itu kekal berdaulat di bumi malaysia. yang lain itu kita boleh bertolak ansur dan berubah sama-sama dengan bangsa lain. saya fikir sebab itulah perlembagaan tidak mengikat status melayu itu dengan pertalian darah. 

(saya melayu mengikut perlembagaan dan juga pertalian darah.) 



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  1. Anonymous Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 10:04 am

    Kirana, that's shallow, and wishful thinking.

    The fact of the matter is that the 'blood' Malays are being robbed blind. Most of the 'blood' Malays in Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Kedah, East Malaysia, are still poor, and some living from day to day. Have you been doing your walk-about lately? Please do and learn something.

    The riches of this country are now in the hands of the Constitutional Malays – the Indian Malays, the Kerala Malays, the Mamak Malays, the Turkish Malays, the Yemeni Malays, etc. They came with a longer history of expertise in business and exploitation, and they are robbing the 'blood' Malays blind as opposed to the Chinese who exploit the business opportunities of the land.

    The Constitutional Malays robbed the Malays by claiming their share and then some, under the NEP, in the name of the race, in the name of the religion, and of cos in the name of country – and then send their kids overseas for a proper English education and fund the rebuilding of villages, etc in their ancestral homes. And all the while keeping the 'blood' Malays (or 'natives') perpetually off-guard by playing the racial and religious cards.

    Now even the pittance that the 'blood' Malays have, have had to be shared with the Bangla Malays, the Cham Malays, the Rohinyya Malays, the Aceh Malays, the Madura Malays, the Lombok Malays, the Bajau Malays, the Javanese Malays, all becoming Malays in the past 30 years and who quickly leap-frog the queue to grab what they can from the trusting 'blood' Malays. And all quietly sending tons of ringgit back home to rebuild homes, villages, etc. while here fighting loudly for race, religion, and country.

    Please wake up from your somnolence.

  2. Anonymous Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 10:36 am

    Sorry, my goat is up.

    Today, who are the Malays? That great Malay Islamic warrior, Ridhuan Tee Abdullah speaks Malay, is a Muslim, defends the Malay race and Islam. But has he really the Malay's Jiwa? Don't we feel a disconnect when he talks of 'kita orang Melayu' on National TV?

    Or that Man Who Can Walk On Water, who's ancestors were from Kerala – he was a truly formidable Malay warrior. But has he really the Malay's Jiwa? If he has, would he have humiliated his opponent the way he did, openly, unashamedly, in a manner more reminiscent of South Indian culture than the refined Malay culture that we are brought up on.

    In Desa Pandan, some blocks are now taken over by Indonesian Malays. In the mornings, dangdut music loud and blaring. The women sit on door-ways terkangkang, in sarongs chest high with bra straps exposed, just like in the alleys of Jakarta and the air is filled with dongs, and ngomongs. Malay culture? Ptui….

    In 50 years, the Constitutional Malays will outnumber the 'blood' Malays at the rate the Government is letting them in. You think they will hold on to our adat and our culture?

    Dream on Kirana.

  3. Anonymous Sunday, January 29, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    kirana, i think you has left out one important aspect about being a malay. apart from being a muslim speak the malay language he must also always be associated with the walking stick.

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