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First photo – yup, he’s a malay with a jewish nose because he said so and he’s an UMNO muslim as well.

Second photo – yup, he’s also a malay because he’s an UMNO muslim with a darker complexion.

Third photo – yessirree, definitely a malay because he’s an UMNO muslim written all over him.

Fourth photo – holy cow, she’s surely a pure malay bred as true as she says she’s not involved in the NFC but most importantly, she’s an UMNO muslim.

Fifth photo – sorry mate, this guy is definitely not a malay because he’s not yet a muslim even though he’s a great pal and lap dog to UMNO.

Sixth photo – oops, this guy is more malay than a real malay because he’s more muslim than a real UMNO muslim.

In your case sir, it’s difficult to say if you are a real malay because you are not in UMNO. However if you join UMNO with immediate effect, you will undoubtedly be a real malay since UMNO only fights for malay rights. 

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