Hata Wahari has been with Utusan Malaysia for 16 years! Enam Belas Tahun!

In January 2011 Utusan Malaysia (aka News without Truth!) suspended
Hata Wahari  alleging that Hata
Wahari had brought the newspaper into disrepute and insulted its management.
How anybody could drag Utusan Malaysia deeper into the abyss it is already in is debatable, but you cannot fault the management of Utusan Malaysia for
not trying! Committing Hari Kiri seems to be about the only noble thing left for Utusan Malaysia’s management to do given their inability to do anything else that could advance the noble profession of journalism – especially their own!
Fast forward January 2012: Hata Wahari
It is one thing to have politicians ‘follow their conscience and jump political ship from time to time but another to have a senior journalist from a main stream media beholden to UMNO do the same thing. That he was also then President of the National Union of Journalist simply compounds what UMNO did! In this context UMNO is the United Malay National Organization and also  Utusan Malaysia No Otak! All the signs of a failed MSM is there for all to see.
That Hata Wahari would be in the ranks of Pakatan Rakyat is a given – it was simply a matter of where he would park himself with. 

In March 2011 Nurrul made the following announcement:  

UPDATED @ 02:35:30 PM 04-03-2011

March 04, 2011

Nurul Izzah shows a mock copy of Utusan Rakyat. — Picture by Boo Su-Lyn

PUTRAJAYA, March 4 — National Union of Journalists (NUJ) president Hata Wahari will be the chief editor of a weekly newspaper, Utusan Rakyat, when it obtains a publishing permit, said Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah Anwar today.

The PKR MP stressed that Utusan Rakyat was not a party organ, but a “bi-partisan” newspaper with representatives from both Pakatan Rakyat (PR), Barisan Nasional (BN) and NGOs invited on its editorial advisory board.
“Its raison d’etre is not just to attack BN,” Nurul Izzah told reporters today.

“It’s an organ for the masses. We’re really in dire need for a mainstream media that will report as objectively, professional and ethical as possible,” she added. 

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I Accept

Since then Hata Wahari and PKR – well Nurrul specifically – have earned each other’s respect through the work they do.

So pray tell me Hata why you chose 
to be with DAP and not PKR

You chose to be with DAP when you know that Nurrul have need of your experience and wisdom as a senior journalist to advise and guide her in her aspirations to change the political mire we are now in?  

No, Hata I am not faulting you for your choice of DAP because I am sure that it was a decision not made hastily but made after much thought and deliberation. But I still want to know why?

What is it that is within PKR now that caused you to abandon Nurrul? 

Did what was done by those within PKR to Zaid Ibrahim continue to haunt you as it haunts all of us? 

Are the divisions within PKR now wider despite or in spite of Anwar’s acquittal? 

Are you another rat leaving a sinking ship? …and Mr Hata I use the term ‘rat’ very loosely with reference to you. If I could I would use the term ‘an experience and respected journo’ but when you talk about PKR and sinking ships…’rat’ seems to be more appropriate! Maaf brother!     

We know that Utusan Malaysia deserved to lose you. Why PKR now? I remember your words about what Utusan Malaysia was not able to do of itself:

““to return to their true function as deliverers of objective information to the public, and not be tools of propaganda for the government, or any political party or individual, for their personal gain.”

and your words today about DAP:

““DAP is the party that is slandered the most by mainstream media, particularly Utusan. I need to defend DAP that it is not a racist party but a party that supports Malaysia as a whole”.

Tell me Hata Wahari why you think PKR is unable to do the same? From what you now do, are you inferring that PKR is a tool to promote the vested interest of individuals? That it is a racist party and that PKR does not support Malaysia as a whole? 

If it is then would it not be more reason for you to be with PKR and make those changes from within then to be with DAP? 

It is not for me to try and fathom what lies within the depths of your mind but this I know. We who are for ABU are the better to have you within our ranks. Go with DAP and do what you must but those in PKR must ask themselves this.

Why does PKR, when they already have Hata Wahari within their midst, as they had Zaid Ibrahim within their midst….why does PKR let these people go? Or more to the point why did PKR do to cause them to leave PKR?