My or my…if you cannot stand the heat get
out of the kitchen! I will confess that I have hesitated, more then once, to
enter the public domain that is now earnestly debating the demise or reprise of
one they call RPK. Petra to me. Personally I care not if Petra is or is not
having the time of his life in London. His recent foray to Phuket did rile me
up a bit because I needed the holiday more then Petra! And he seems to be having too grand a time….and in
retrospect could that be construed to be his last supper? Sorry guys the devil
made me say that! 
Anywwwwwaay….the time has come to talk
about 901. First it was the Mandela thing at AI trial and now it is the Bush
911 thing for this Monday! Let us hope that if the Arab Spring comes next it
will have a positive ending for us all.
I will hazard a guess here that it would
be an opportunity for Pakatan Rakyat to flex its fledgling muscles courtesy of
the Rakyat! 100,000 of anything is bound to make Najib nervous – as nervous as
anyone can be when he has the police, the Army and UTK at their beck and call.
So work it out in your head – do you think Najib wants 901 to happen or not to
happen? Remember what that officer said about UPSI? “In the heat of the
moment!”….so just think what 10,000 Riot Squad police can do “in the heat of
the moment!” And do not forget there is always the Army on standby too! Unless
you have a death wish I suggest you think again what would be the wisest thing
to do. – not only for yourself but also for Pakatan Rakyat.
Now what has Pakaytan Rakyat got? Truth,
honour, justice…yeah yeah ….yada yada yada! Seriously folks what Pakatan Rakyat
has is what they call the force of public opinion. Harness it right and it will
blow away Napoleon, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great army all to
smithereens – what more Najib and Barisan Nasional! There is no need to talk about not harnessing it right. Its
consequences precludes any possible preparation for failure. Just to morbid to
contemplate. Are Pakatan Rakyat that desperate to want to put everything on the
line? It is not for me to answer that – think and do what is needed. AA wants
to storm the prison wall to free AI – with 100,000 he can do some damage but at
what costs? And how come the deafening silence from Kit Siang and Hadi on this?  Is AA driving the whole thing?
This is all about winning the war. This
sodomy two verdict is just one battle of many that will come as we near the 13th
general election. DO NOT make 901 the be all and end all of our war with UMNO
and Barisan Nasional. Treat it for what it really is – just one battle of many.
Win or lose it does not make a difference to the final victory that really matters. I rest my case.