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The following article was forwarded to me by MO – tqs MO. 
Here are my comments:

Do any of you think that this intrepid NST team will be able to do this so called “undercover” work ala James Bond or Mat Bond (whichever is applicable), without the ‘OK’ from their head honcho in NST, who gets his ‘OK’ from UMNO, who gets their ‘OK’ from Najib? What a pathetic attempt at being James Bond! 


You are NOT exposing these people making $5000 a day…you only expose something when the public do not know about it! The NFC scandal is an exposure! PKFZ is an exposure! The manner in which the BN government bought those Submarines were an exposure.  Telling a story we already know about is just sloppy reporting done because this BN government wants the public to think that NST is now a crusading newspaper THAT IS going to ‘expose’ all those abuses done by those who are entrusted with the enforcement of law and order in our nation! What a joke!  

What a laugh! NST a crusading newspaper? The only exposure NST is capable of that would capture our attention is of the ‘indecent’ kind because nothing else you do is of any significance to any of us! Get all your head honchos to line up along Jalan Riong and drop down their trousers  – make that your front page lead story…and maybe you will get a few more papers sold. Maybe!

NST is a sad excuse for any newspaper to be in print. You want to do some exposure? Why not start with that ex MB of Perlis who had a child out of wedlock? And while you are it go check the hospital records and see how many Malay girls got pregnant with his sperms and required an abortion. At the last count I had it at three! And while you are it go ask Pak Lah why he shot the messenger of that story and not the MB! 

Then go question why JJ was sent to Washington when he should be facing indecent assault charges for doing a raba raba on a Malay girl serving him drinks!

Do an exposure on Najib and Altantuya! Ask all the hard questions! Did Najib know Altantuya? Why was Razak Baginda not prosecuted by Jais for having sex outside his marriage? And while you are at it…do an exposure about the relationship between models and politicians! Models and Minsiters. Models and Sultans. You can start with the Sultan of Selangor!

These exposure of immigation officers and custom officers making money at the border is cerita lama lah! Even the taxi drivers will tell you more! Do not waste our time with these stories…and if you do not have the guts to go after the big fish…then shut up and just earn your money writing drivel and propoganda for BN and UMNO and we will continue not buying NST and I will continue to go into NST every morning to get my laughs before I start reading the REAL Media! NST is a JOKE!

Officers make RM5,000 a day

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Law enforcers make a killing in return for closing an eye to smuggling

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AS our van rolled to a stop in front of the Rantau Panjang security checkpoint near the Malaysian-Thai border, an officer from the General Operations Force (GOF) walked out of the guard post and motioned us to lower the window.
“Sepuluh ringgit, cepat, cepat (RM10, hurry, hurry),” he whispered, extending his hand inside the vehicle and glancing nervously at the other vehicles that had pulled up behind our dilapidated van.
An undercover enforcement officer in the front passenger seat pulled out RM10 and handed it  to the middle-aged GOF officer. He then let us through with a wave of his hand.
Moments later, at another checkpoint — this time,  Customs —  the undercover agent  got out and opened the back door of the van and showed them our illicit cargo of contraband fragrant rice stuffed in pillowcases and other taxable goods.
The payoff this time was RM50 and the methodology involved a bit of sleight-of-hand.
To prevent the drivers of the vehicles behind us from witnessing the transaction, the undercover agent discreetly placed the RM50 on the pile of rice.
The  Customs officer came around and pretended to rummage through the pile of contraband.
The RM50 was deftly swept up in one fluid motion. David Copperfield himself couldn’t have done it better.
Getting through the third round of checks was a breeze as prior arrangements had been made with one of the “bosses” at the Road Transport Department who gave us a “licence to smuggle”.
For RM250, we  got a green sticker that was stuck to the windscreen. This indicated to his men on the ground that we were one of the “untouchables”.
Now in the home stretch, our last hurdle was the Anti-Smuggling Unit checkpoint. True to form, we were let through with  a bribe of only  RM50.
At all the border security checkpoints, we were let through by the various enforcement agencies with no more than a cursory look, a casual nod and a payoff.
It is believed that these officers would rake in anywhere from RM3,000 to RM5,000 a day, depending on the traffic flow.
In an earlier operation to weed out “crooked” enforcers at the Bukit Kayu Hitam checkpoint, they flatly denied any involvement with smuggling syndicates.
One vehemently denied any involvement, saying repeatedly that he had no idea what the undercover officers were talking about. The minute he was shown video evidence, his memory improved immediately.
smuggling illicit goods

An officer at the Malaysian-Thai border accepting a bribe from a driver smuggling illicit goods into Thailan

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