Fool that I am, I have always been confused
that RPK is PKR and PKR is RPK! Just as I have been confused that AA is AI and
AI is AA. I now know that the first part of that confusion has now been cleared
up with RPK latest salvo after salvo after salvo against PKR or really against
AI but leaving, for the time being, AA intact! So for now we are done with RPK,
with PKR and AI but when will AA be done with? That is the Durian Udang Merah
(Ang Hae) D 175 question!

I would have though that alphabetically AA
should have been the first to be ‘dealt ‘ with! How? You know…against the wall
and on the count of three ‘FIRE’ – and then for the  officer in charge to execute the coup de grace – another
bullet to his temple to ensure ‘done deal!’. Instead he is still left
standing…a bit unsteady on his feet but still standing. So what went wrong? So
far he has led a charmed life…and he is quiet charming himself when he wants to
But put yourself in his place today.
He is ‘almost’ the leader of PKR.
Reminds me of that Bill Cosby skit….Bill
Cosby is in the hospital and he does not know where to go to find the patient
he is looking for when an orderly pushing a patient on a stretcher trolley
passes by – and Cosby calls out “Hey you almost the Doctor!”….but I digress.
AA is ‘almost’ the leader of PKR. He has
(according to himself) been taking care of his leader’s family while his leader
was in Sungai Buloh. He also was the ‘wedding planner’ for his leaders
daughter’s wedding. There must be other ‘duties’ he has assumed while he was
with his ‘dear leader’ but this he has not divulged and so it for us to
assume….so assume whatever you want!
All the information that I have indicates
that he has the numbers within PKR to take control of PKR. And more to the
point he has his leader blessing to do so. So what is preventing him from doing
Political wisdom will tell you that one
will take whatever one can get away with in politics – and that includes
commission, bribes, donations and of course power aka positions of authority.
Is he waiting for his ‘dear leader’ to be
put away first? Is DAP and PAS – despite shutting one eye and closing the other
– still does carry the big stick making AA nervous about assuming the position?
It is all so intriguing and full of ‘guesstimations!’
I suggest we wait for the time being. I
have my thoughts and these thoughts are centered around what they do after a
boxer receives that knockout punch. You know where the referee starts the
count. One, two , three, four….with AA he is the one that got the knockout
punch and the referee has reached the count of four or five!                
If he gets up by the count of nine then PKR
is f#*ked. If he does not get up at the count of nine then he is F#*ked! So you
will have to tell me whether you want him to get up or to stay down at the count
of nine. Me? Nak cakap salah, tak cakap salah…jadi semua serba salah but the conventional wisdom indicates there is another A in there somewhere…a NIA!