UPSI demo: Cop says scuffles happened in heat of moment

January 01, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 1 — A Perak police officer defended today the force’s rough treatment and subsequent arrest of student activists, who refused to disperse in a pre-dawn campus rally, saying scuffles happened in the heat of the moment and were not planned.
steadyaku47 comment: 
Excuse me you stupid goon of a Police Officer….the whole idea of having a Police Force is to have men who are trained and discipline enough to enforce law and order. Police Officer do not whack or shoot people in the heat of the moment – as PDRM obviously do with all those suspects murdered under PDRM custody. And all those unarmed men murdered in shoot outs with armed but indiscipline policemen.
What happens when we have armed police officers that are not trained to maintained discipline under duress – we have PDRM! From the IGP who whacked Anwar Ibrahim in the heat of the moment until yesterday when you whacked unarmed students in the heat of the moment too! 
You stupid stupid goon of a police officer! Idiot!