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I am actually reluctant to state my personal stance for fear of upsetting other contenders. But the perceived persecution of Anwar for being a threat to the Umno leaders for the second time is certainly fuel for mass discontent. This will naturally put Nurul Izzah as an icon and idol who could rally mass support which cuts across gender, race and religion. She has shown to be capable and reasonable in her views as an MP as well as a Vice President of PKR. What she needs most is unwavering support from trusted seniors to help her to lead the party. Some people are meant to be leaders by choice of the people, especially in exceptional circumstances like persecution of one’s father. We have seen enough examples in Asia where leaders were chosen when they were least ready or prepared. Such a scenario in Malaysia is likely to be played out if Anwar is put to jail come January 9. I honestly would prefer Anwar be given a chance to compete fairly with Najib at the next general elections. 

Posted by KoSong Cafe to steadyaku47 at Thursday, December 29, 2011 2:36:00 PM GMT+10:30