I was in Singapore
the last few days for work. Have not been to Singapore for over 20 years. The
driver of the taxi that drove me from the airport to my hotel was Malay. On the
ride to the hotel he pointed out that all the land along the coast that was now
fully developed was reclaimed land. He said that Singapore could no longer buy
sand from Indonesia or Malaysia – so Singapore now buys its sand from Vietnam.
He suggested that maybe the Malaysian government should consider letting
Singapore mine all the sand it needed from the Pahang and Perak river so that
floods would not occur as frequently as they do now – this way Singapore would
have their sand and Malaysia gets two strikes against Singapore: Payment for
the sand and flood prevention! I quietly smiled at his logic. If only our politicians
could think that clearly! 
At night I would
watch TV as I ate dinner and what I saw on Singapore TV gave me some
explanation as to why Malaysia is so far behind Singapore. No I am not just
talking about the physical aspect of development where a comparison between the
two countries would be an exercise in futility: Where would you begin? From
Changi airport, the taxis I took, the buses and trains that I used to the
presence of a city confident in its growth and secure of its place globally, Singapore
is everything that Malaysia is not! 
Singapore TV is
filled with programs that provides you with information of world events,
knowledge about anything that you would care to know and learn about and many
programs that tells Singaporeans that life out there is to be lived and enjoyed
responsibly. No politicians in sight on their TV. Nothing that would allow any
sensible, intelligent Singapore TV viewer to be upset at any attempt by the
Singapore government to try and influence them on matters political.
Malaysian TV is
pathetic and an embarrassment to watch. Talk show hosts that are so condescending
to their guests that it makes me cringe! We have crowds of people being told
about the latest government projects that will benefit them and the nation.
What passes for Television programs is in reality government propaganda  – pure and simply drivel and
unmitigated spew of useless information that benefits no one – not even the
government because all it does is to turn the thinking viewer against such blatant propaganda
of a BN government desperate to win a coming general election. I remember one
episode where this Malay politician was opening a show or seminar of some sort
by unfurling a banner with a giant size portrait of himself! It makes me want
to spew! 
What was more
disturbing to me is thinking how all this rubbish on Malaysian Television will
affect those Malaysian watching Malaysian TV. If that is the only TV they watch
then what chance do these people have of developing into a better human being?
We have been told that we are what we eat…well I think what our government
allow our people to watch on TV and read in the media is what we will be: a
people blinkered and oblivious to the world outside.
But as a Malay
what saddens me is that the politics within UMNO defines us Malays as we have
never been defined before. Before this the Malays saw themselves as a people
who went about their life with a quiet dignity secure in the knowledge that as
a people, they had the respect of the other races and felt themselves worthy of
being Malays – son of the soils. More important we had a sense of self worth.
Today the ugliness
of the Malay persona is now no longer a matter than can be kept within the
confines of family and the Malay community. How can it be kept from the public
domain when Malays are ridicule and laughed at as they try to walk along the
path where others have walked – and in trying to do so they have failed
miserably. Failed because they are ill equipped to compete on a level playing
field with the other races. 
This is not
something that UMNO can sweep under the carpet anymore.
Today it is the
Malays themselves who have realized the dire situation that they are in. This
is what the Malays now know of themselves.
There are no great
Malay leaders in this country of ours any more. All our leaders, without
exception, has in one-way or another, failed us – and yet having failed they still
insists that their right to remain a Malay leader is unaffected. The Malay
leaders of today are a joke!
The education of
our young has not prepared or equipped them to compete on a level playing field
against non-Malays in Malaysia and against others when they go overseas. They
have failed miserably from their ability to master the English Language to
their ability to interact and handle the intricacies of living amongst non-Malays.
I have been shamed
countless times when in conversation with Malay students in Australia – not
only by their woefully inadequate ability to speak decent English but more
worrying in the blinkered approach to education with the ‘them’ and ‘us’
approach to everything – from social interactions to having no understanding
that we must celebrate diversity – not treat it as a threat to our Malay
ethnicity, to our religion and to our way of life. That they have failed to do
so is painfully obvious to me as a Malay – what more to the people they meet.
But ignorance is bliss and these students are unable to comprehend that they
are looked upon as an object to be pitied rather then laughed at. And so these
students go about their education oblivious to their failings. Katak di bawah
The Malays can no
longer ignored the reality that the non-Malays are way ahead by leaps and
bounds in all things Malaysians: Business, Education, civil society and even
respect and dignity of their own race.
How is this
possible when the Malays have complete control of government since Merdeka and
should and did have control over all aspects of life in Malaysia?

How is this possible when the Malays have 9 Sultans and numerous Governors as
the constitutional head of state?

How is this
possible when the Malays numerically overwhelmed all the other races put
And yet all this
advantages have made the Malays into a people that can no longer hold their
head nobly whatever their circumstances simply because the Malay dominated
Barisan Nasional government has failed in their much stated purpose of Ketuanan
Failed not in the
getting of the Ketuanan Melayu but failed in the manner in which Ketuanan
Melayu is used to further NOT The Malay interest but to further UMNO’s
And therein lies
the tragedy of the Malays! AN UMNO that takes for themselves what should really
be for the Malays.
And it is in the
leaders of UMNO that we see the worst of the Malays acting out what the Malays
have now become! These UMNO leaders are the epitome of greed, corruption and
thievery of the nations wealth for their own pockets.
That the Malays
have now lost their sense of pride and dignity because of the misdeeds and
abuse by UMNOI politicians of the public office they hold is of no concern to
these UMNO Malays. The behavior of these UMNO leaders now mirrors that of the
Sultans who have long ago surrendered any dignity they might still have and any
claims to being Malay leaders by their decadent lifestyle that they lead on the
money they get from the Rakyat.
Are they Malays
powerless to stop their leaders from taking them further down the road of lost
respect and lost dignity. How not to lose respect for a Malay leader like
Najib? In fact look at the families of all the Prime Ministers of Malaysia bar
Tunku : Malays all of them: And all of them in one way or the other have
profited hideously from the office of Prime Minister.
And with Najib he
goes a step further. The emergence of a wife that thinks that being the wife of
the Prime Minister entitles her to be styled First Lady of Malaysia!
What these Malays
leaders are doing are being aped by other Malays in position of trust and power
– where the getting of wealth by any means possible have brought into existence
of at least two generations of Malays that have been brought to believe that
Malaysia owes them a living: ask not what you can do for your country but ask
what your country can do for you!
Two generations of
Malays totally spoiled and weaken to expect something for nothing by a UMNO
totally devoid of any interest in furthering the interest of any Malay what
more other Malaysian, other then of themselves!     
I am ashamed of
being Malay. Ashamed because of the deeds and actions taken by UMNO in the name
of the Malays. How can I not be ashamed that a Malay Minister of Defense have
seen it fit to allow a good friend of his to profit RM$500 million merely by arranging
for the Malaysian government to buy French Submarines?
How can I not be
ashamed of these Malay leaders when a Malay Prime Minister – well almost a
Malay Prime Minister! – saw it fit to use the people’s money  – to the tune of RM$1 billion – to bail
out the shipping company of his son!
How can I not be
ashamed when a Minister, no less, is sent as our Ambassador in Washington after
being caught out for outraging the modesty of a waitress serving him!
These Malays do
more damage to the Malays at large then to themselves.
The Malays had
Dato Onn, Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein Onn, Tun Dr Ismail Ali, Ghazali Shafie
…all great Malay leaders whose duty was to the Malays and to Malaysia and all
Who do we have
now? Malay leaders whose idea of being great is having the latest model
Mercedes and living in mansions paid for by their thieving of the people’s money    and taking actresses or singers for their wives and mistresses! And
the Malay singers and actresses who thinks that these ageing lotharios is a
good catch probably defines the materialistic mind frame that permeates too
many Malays everywhere.
It pains me to see
the Malays like this. It pains me even more when the most concerned of people
are not the Malay leaders but the other races who are witness to the Malay fall
from grace. The non Malays worry for the Malays more then the Malay leaders
because they know that until the Malays are energized to do something for
themselves by getting rid of these useless Malay leaders, then they too would
have to bear the brunt of the corruption and the rape and pillage of their
country by these UMNO leaders.
Let us all realize
that we are all in this together. What the Malays are now enduring the other
races are also enduring and we can only get out of this impasse by working
The irony that I
as a Malay is mocking and putting down my own race is not lost on me. Cutting
off my nose to spite my face! For me UMNO has cut of the Malay nose a long time
ago. PKR is not far behind because here again is a Malay dominated political
entity that is run by Malays who presumes it is their right to do as they
please in PKR because they are the leaders of PKR. If UMNO has cut of the nose
of the Malay face then PKR is working on the ear!
I say all this
because it needs to be said. It cannot be ignored that the Malays have now lost
their way in a country they call their own. If they cannot see themselves being
so then I will point that out to them. If you want to assail me for being a
turncoat to my own race by living in Australia – let me tell you this. A Malay
is still a Malay wherever he or she is. 
Open your eyes,
engage your brains. Think and ask yourself if you are proud to be a Malay in
Malaysia today. I am not. I no longer wish to refer to myself as a Bumiputra
because being a Bumiputra does not make me any more a Malay as a Chinese would
be more a Chinese if he lives in China or an Indian in India!
Being a bumiputra
is an embarrassment to anyone today because it denotes an unfairness within a
society that tells you that birth, race and religion entitles you to being
someone else other then what you are not – a first amongst equal. Today
privileges of birth no longer hold any sway over civilized societies  – be you a Sultan or the son of a Prime
Minister. Everything that you want to be must be earned through hard work and
decent labor. And this is why the position of the Malays in Malaysia have long
ago been compromised by an UMNO government that sees the Malays only as a tool
to further their hold on power in this country.
But having had
power for the last 53 years UMNO has not discarded the Malays  – no they still have need of the Malays
to win the next general elections and the next and the next!  The question now is whether we Malays
will let them use us anymore!
My fellow Malays
look around you and ask yourself why we now like this? We allow our leaders to
engage in gutter politics! They no longer talk about extra marital sex as being
against Islam – today it is sodomy! Today it is Malay leaders who take second
wives without the knowledge of their first wives. Today it is about using
religion to threaten and cowered the other races into threading softly in their
own country on pain of being branded anti Islam and anti Malays.
Takkan Melayu
hilang di dunia!
Let me tell you
Malays this. We Malays were never on the world stage! The Chinese were. The
Indians were. Not the Malays. So please wake up from the UMNO induced slumber
that our people have been in for so long. Fifty-three years to be exact! Our
Malay Prime Minister today does not have half the respect the Malay Penghulu
used to have in the days when the Penghulus in the kampongs were leaders of the
Malays in the rural areas.                  
But this I know.
As a human being we are responsible for who we are and who we want to become.
Against all odds the Chinese and other races have survived in Malaysia. Survived
better then the Malays. It is time we Malays cast aside these useless Malay
leaders that lives off our ethnicity to only further their own vested interests
not the Malays.
They are Malay
leaders amongst us now that can provide us with an enlighten leadership to take
not only the Malays but also all Malaysians towards a better Malaysia. Nurrul
for one. But only because she has not had the time to be what her father and so
many Malay leaders have now become : UMNO in their thinking, UMNO in their
actions and UMNO in the promotion of no other interest but their own. The worry
is that given time Nurrul would be what her father is today – a man who held so
much promise for the future of our race and our country and yet delivered so
little. Let us make sure that Nurrul will not fail. The Malays will not survive
another Najib or another Anwar! 


Dear Hussein
I’ve been looking at the responses to your article. It’s heartening to know that there are indeed many Malays like us (if I may make the claim to solidarity) especially academics, though I must say many are proverbial frogs too don’t you worry, no shortage of them there. 
There are also idiotic responses from idiotic people, this bit gave me quite a shock in my earlier years of reading Malaysian blogs, that there are so many people out there in Malaysia who are so racially bitter, acrid, venomous (Chinese agnst Malays vice versa and dozens of foul mouthed Indians as well in the foray), so inadequately informed, so uneducated in their way of communicating and relating, so deeply disturbing. 
But what I wanted to say was, just like the students you refered to, these Malaysians are the realisation of our education policy (or lack of one) and our education system. You just need to look at our youngsters, they have all become rude and blatant, they are ignorant of their culture I don’t mean the singing and dancing, but decorum, the way of treating each other – neighbours, colleagues, especially elders. I am tempted to say that they have not been educated by their parents, they have no idea of discipline, but their parents are also products of the whole Malaysian politics and society. 
In my observation, the Indian youngsters are still safe, because they keep close to their culture and tradition (and they have great tradition that Malays should learn from), the Malay kids – at one end have no self confidence or no opinions, and on the other – impertinent, rude and totally disagreeable but overall uninformed, ignorant, and inarticulate. The next government has an enormous job to overhaul the whole education system, how I wish I can be a part of that!
BTW if you have Patrick Teo on your side, you are ok, and please ignore the rude ones, don’t even comment on them, not worth it.