I think that over
90% of Muslim in Malaysia are Muslims by birth. Not by conviction but by birth.
The conviction may or may not come later. Now pray tell me what would have
happened if these 90% of Muslims who became Muslim by birth were born
Christians? And I can already see Muslims coming on to me to tell me that they
were born Muslims because they were the chosen one – as the Jews claim
themselves also to be the chosen ones! There are no chosen ones  – only those that claim to do the choosing
upon themselves!
I am appalled that
Sultans are Sultans by accident of birth. And by accident of birth they are
gifted with a life that is paid for by the Rakyat. A life they live without
contributing anything to our life, our country or our religion – if your
religion happens to be Islam!
And by accident of
birth, Najib and Hishamuddin are where they are now. One a useless Minister of
the Rumah Ministry and the other our equally useless Prime Minister. If
anything is to be said in favor of these two it is that they have taken what
advantages that have accrued to them from their Prime Minister father to carve
out for themselves a more then decent living through UMNO.
Then there are the
Malays who are, by accident of birth, Bumiputras in this country of ours.
Accident of birth and location made them the preferred ethnicity in Malaysia. A
Malay who calls Australia his home is no Bumiputra. He is just another
Australian! Period.
And so for the
Muslims, the Sultans, Din and Najib and the Malays, what they are and what they
have become, was to a great extent decided at birth. But whether they become a
good Muslim, a good Sultan or a good human being will depend on what they do
with their life.
What irks me is
how testy and defensive Muslim becomes when there is talk about any
encroachments by other religion into Islam. There always seems to this
“them”and “us” mentality between the Muslims and non-Muslims bordering upon a
paranoia that gives me a sense of dread if not fear of physical hurt if I was
to stray into this ‘no-go” zone of questioning Muslims for their fear of other
religion taking Muslims away from their religion.
Why should a
Muslim, any Muslim, prevent another Muslim from opening himself to other
religious conviction? If not for knowledge or self improvement then he might do
so in order to prepare himself to 
defend Islam against all the too common accusation that Islam is too
self centered for its own good.
What I am getting
at is this. You are what you are due to a number of factors. Whatever they are
you make the best you can of the situation you are in. None of those factors
that made you what you are should make you think yourself better or worse then
the person next to you for they too are what they are because of the
circumstances that they are in.
All religion, all
ethnicity – all humans should respect and allow another human being to live their
live as they think fit – as a Muslim, as a Christian or whatever it is that
they chose to believe in. Even the atheist must thank GOD for making him an atheist! Amen.