I have been asked
many question in the time that I have been blogging. Am I an UMNO blogger? Why
did I leave Malaysia? Why am I confident that UMNO will lose this 13th
general election…all wanting to know my innermost thoughts and persona. It is
really impossible for any of us to understand what really goes on inside the
head of another.
In moments of
clarity you can somehow hazard a guess and tell yourself that steadyaku47 is
for Pakatan Rakyat and yet at times I am called an UMNO blogger! There are many
amongst you that demean me for being brave enough to write what I do because I
am beyond the tentacles of the powers that be – but then you are missing the
whole point! I am writing the way I write because I am far away from the tentacles
of the power that be.   
I sometimes
questions my motivation for working on steadyaku47…only sometimes. Those times
are when I find myself unable to write.
Unable to think
and completely overwhelmed with the enormity of what I shall write tomorrow,
next week, next months…for all the days that are coming! Haven’t all that can
be written about politics in Malaysia been written? What else can I write about
today? What issues to be debated and dissected? Will anybody read what I will
write?..and if I let this sense of ever whirling eddy of negative thoughts
continue to fester in my head then I know that my confidence to write will
desert me. And so I don’t.
I leave my writing
desk and do other things. Wash the dirty dishes left in the sink from last night’s
dinner, go watch TV and see what is news around the world, iron my shirts and
whatever else is in the laundry basket and my favorite : READ! For I know as I
read it calms my mind and fills it again with possibilities. Possibilities of
what I will write about.
Yesterday it was
about ‘delusional politics’ – an idea that came from TIME. Today possibly about
Aung San Suu Kyi. This Lady from Burma has had the  courage to hold on to her convictions and as you read about her
you can see that her time to lead Burma again is just about to come. And you
remember Mandela. And you remembered that when Mandela’s time came to lead
South Africa, Mandela did not disappoint us. He harbored no ill will against
his captors. Mandela did what he had to do. Lead South Africa into a new ERA.
Will this gracious LADY do the same with Burma?

For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
I Accept
And that is why I
read. Your heart races to keep pace with the story that you read. Your mind
reaches into the past and remember again Mandela’s walk to freedom and then in
an instant comes back to NOW and think if that Lady from Burma will lead Burma
as Mandela led South Africa! And this is why I read – it invigorates all my
senses and send me back to my blog to do more ‘work!’
As to the other
question : Am I an UMNO blogger? Did any of you thought that Pak Lah could have
ever become Prime Minister many years ago? That DSAI would one day be the
leader of the opposition against UMNO –the same UMNO that he was Deputy
President of many years ago? Truth is stranger than fiction and so I will only
say this for now: ABU!
Enough of my
selfish rants. Its Monday again. Onwards Pakatan Rakyat soldiers and let us
continue our march towards Putrajya. Our Pakatan Rakyat Generals are out there at the front
as they should be. You, I, me and myself will take our place at the rear…where
sometimes we are needed to discourage UMNO and BN from doing our cause any
harm.  Onwards Pakatan Rakyat’s
soldiers. Onwards!