Even the kampong idiot has by now figured out that the PKFZ debacle is what deceitful people in
position of power do to make money…a lot of money….in the hundreds of
There were check
and balances in place to ensure that what Ling Liong SIk and his cohorts did
should not have happened but the culture encouraged and pursued for personal
gain by Mahathir and those that came after him did not give these check and
balances any opportunity to kick in to prevent these massive frauds from
instruments to ensure complicity of these money grabbing opportunities were put
in place. Ketuanan Melayu, negotiated tenders, privitization, prequalification
of tenderer’s, close tenders, EPU and of course the most insidious of all these
instruments……that nod from Mahathir, Daem, DSAI and those in power and should have known
better that said “Ini orang kita……kasi aja lah”. 
The fish rots
from the head…and you cannot get a “head” more deceitful than Mahathir! And
like a cancer that has not been treated within time UMNO’s chances of survival does not look too good. What it will ultimately do to our country is still to be seen.
Today good
governance is often spoken off by BN politicians. And that is all they do…speak
of it!
We have seen too
many tragedies happening because our political leaders were unable to see the
repercussions of what they do. That Din guy did not understand that any death
resulting from Police action or inaction was his responsibility. To Najib the
death of Altantuya was merely an irritation that needed to be dealt with in the
same manner as the death of Teoh Beng Hock or Sarbaini. Someone else will be
blamed. It is always some one’s else fault – never those holding the reins of
Yesterday we see
a picture of Muhyiddin presenting contributions to the widow of the late
Noramfaizul Mohd Nor killed in Mogadishu when he went there to provide media
coverage for the Putera 1Malaysia club. Good photo opportunity for Muhyiddin
and everybody is smiling. Do these idiot not reflect that if they had been
better prepared and understood the dangers that they will encounter in Somalia,
Noramfaizul need not have to die? But like everything that UMNO now does, what matter
is the political gain to be had by such endeavors. And when tragedy occurs they
think money will make everything right!
Our concern now
is how Pakatan Rakyat intends to handle themselves as we near the 13 general
election. Do they  understand that
all that is needed is for one tiny crack to open up within their armor for UMNO
to penetrate their defense – not two not three crack…just one crack.
Do not compare what Pakatan Rakyat has not yet done to what UMNO has done while in power. Do not
compare Najib to DSAI. Do not think that what Khir Toyo did will make the
people of Selangor vote for Pakatan Rakyat. What people will remember is the
infighting within PKR as they assumed control of Selangor as PKR warlords
fought with Khalid for the spoils of war that they insist they deserve after
winning Selangor from BN. And if the run up to the 13 GE see moves to oust
Khalid in order to replace him with somebody more sympathetic to the personal needs of
party faithful then Selangor will go back to BN. 
I no longer care
if Najib repeals the ISA and PPPA tomorrow. Or if Muhyiddin takes an oath to be
a Malaysian first and a Malay second. For all I care that Din guy in the Rumah
Ministry can conjure any amount of threats to our national security to excuse
PDRM’s heavy handed response to any demonstration. They can announce that all
the Ministers have met their KPI targets and every civil servant will have a
40% increase in their salary. 
I do not care because deceit and complicity in
abusing political power for personal gains has sadly become a way of life for
BN. Everything they do and say is either for more financial gain or to cover up
past abuses. 
But if any
Pakatan Rakyat leaders stumble or are remiss in what they tell us then they
will be asked to explain their actions. Why must we be so hard on Pakatan
Rakyat? Common sense tells us that if they lie to us now – how will they fare
when power is in their hands? Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts even
“Nearly all men can stand adversity,
but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”
  —  Abraham Lincoln
We are not in
the business of testing the character of Pakatan Rakyat’s  leaders. What happened at the PKR party
elections shook me to the very core of my sensibilities because here we have
UMNO all over again albeit on a smaller scale – but there was no mistaken the
methodology.  What happened with
Zaid reinforces the doubts I have had about the ability of DSAI to conduct
himself as we expected him to do – to be above suspicion. 
What will happen if
these same bunch of PKR leaders are given power at Federal Level? Can you
imagine the havoc they can wreck upon our country while in Putrajaya? They
would possibly need an additional floor to the  fourth floor of the PM’s department just to accommodate their people – all gate keepers
to DSAI. We saw this while DSAI was DPM and Finance Minister! No reason why it
will not happen again should he become PM!
That is why
Pakatan Rakyat must learn from what UMNO has done in 53 years of power. What
their leaders do while in power those under them will also do. Those in government
will do too. And this culture corrupts all within its ambit. From the Traffic
cop on the street to the Prime Minister himself.       
We must hold
deceitful politicians accountable for their misdeeds. They should no longer be
allowed to hold office unchallenged when they have lost their integrity for
they are then not fit to hold office. Dishonesty and abuse of power requires an
explanation. It is not just a credibility issue – it is fraud. 
Today these
politicians no longer seek to deny their dishonest conduct nor are the
government controlled media bothered to ask for an explanation. Instead they
seek to deny responsibility through a suspect judicial process – a process
without integrity in as far as the public are concern.
the government of revenue is no longer a crime – not when the money is
channeled into the pocket of BN politicians and their cronies. Those in power
will directly intervened blatantly abusing their political authority  and order what they want done to be
done post haste – as Mahathir ordered MISC to bail out his son’s business. As
Liong Sik did in PKFZ to line up his own pocket. As Najib did to send JJ to
Washington instead of holding him accountable for his lewd behaviour.
Why these
politicians are not bothered or concerned about  accountability for their actions is beyond me to understand
and insults the intelligence of our people. In the developed world such actions of politicians are always subject to close scrutiny by the media and guardian
of democracy. If this trend continues we are indeed on track to becoming a
failed state!
There is
too much drama and theatre in Malaysian politics. We must forget about the
artificiality of politics and politicians must resists the urge to accentuate
the extremes of Malaysian politics. But to ask BN or PR to run a civil campaign
for the 13th general election may just be an impossibility given the
use of race and religion to win support from the voting public. There is enough
blame on both side but BN leads by a mile.
What we
can hope for is that Pakatan Rakyat will not disappoint. In the 12th
general election UMNO was broadsided by a massive swing against them. This time
around they are better prepared.
To those
who think that Pakatan Rakyat has got Putrajaya in their sights…think again. It
is darkest just before dawn. For Pakatan Rakyat it is just past midnight and
there is still the darkness before dawn to come its way. UMNO is just getting
into stride for their walk towards Putrajaya. If Pakatan Rakyat waits and
hesitates it will falter. The 13th general election is there for
either BN or PR to lose. Who dares win. 


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Will Pakatan Rakyat disappoint?“: 

I believe the opposition coalition of today is far more cohesive than of yesteryear. This is largely due to the growing influencing forces within DAP and PAS. LGE is changing Penang for the better. It is very encouraging reading the blogs of the chinese willing to vote for PAS in constituencies that do not have DAP reps. I personally found it humbling during the Bersih 2.0 march to see PAS supporters urging non-malays first out of hot spots, acting as human shields against the boys in blue. Having shared that, there is not enough push for electoral reforms and this needs to be addressed first.
PKR as a separate entity has not been effective under DSAI and I am sure Anwaristas will howl in protest at this. He is ex-umno. Has his methods changed over the years? Are there capable leaders in PKR other than him? Has he groomed others to take over in the event that he is jailed? All of the above is because he thinks like umno i.e. he thinks himself invincible and is confident of the rakyat rising to his defence. The reality is this; the rakyat will align themselves with the next opposition coalition leader quickly. Why? There is a bigger war to win than DSAI’s personal one. 

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “Will Pakatan Rakyat disappoint?“: 

I am certain there are PKR candidates who are of calibre. But the limelight is hogged by DSAI. How then is the public to see the other strengths of the party? Why can’t one or several strong individuals take the lead to promote the PKR fight and educate the grassroots while DSAI sorts out his case? This is why I conclude the lack of priorities within PKR impedes the progress of the entire coalition. That needs to change ASAP.

Regarding that woman; RPK uploaded a link on MT (2008? 09?) Yes, she has brazenly “taken” over umno. Google it up on youtube “rosmah perempuan puaka”. Pass it on, won’t you?

Fighting for change is an uphill battle but it has started. I just don’t think folks know what else is in store for them in this fight because umno has always been shrouded by a sinister element that has kept them in power for so long. It is my fervent prayer that we fight for change without spilling blood.