DAP lawmaker claims offered RM150,000 to run for BN in GE13

October 01, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 1 — A suspended Johor DAP assemblyman today revealed he had been offered RM150,000 and 50 acres of land to quit his party and stand as an independent candidate aligned to rival Barisan Nasional (BN) in the coming national polls.
First-term Bentayan state lawmaker Gwee Tong Hiang said he was approached last Tuesday by a Chinese man claiming to be a representative from the Prime Minister’s Department who caught him while he was feeling down over his six-month suspension for alleged power abuse.
steadyaku47 comment:
Come lah Gwee surely you cannot expect us to believe that you were offered what you said you were offered by “a Chinese man who claimed to be a representative from the Prime Minister’s department” without any hard evidence to back up what you claimed happened? And even if you do you better be able to link that Chinese man direct to the PM’s department or he might sue you for defamation.
But I guess you wannabe politicians are just not that bright …..unable to even understand that we are up to our neck with political shenanigans that unless it really is another “Carcosa” type of exposure or a “Chuah Soi Lek” type of pornographic production – the public will simply not bite. 
What you claim happened is as exciting as a melted ice kachang treat!
Gwee said he made an audio recording of his conversation yesterday with the alleged agent — carried out entirely in Mandarin — and handed out copies of the transcript, in Chinese and English, to back his claim.
Okay lah maybe you did make a recording of the conversation but who is to say that it was not you and another DAP guy having that conversation?
DAP publicity chief Tony Pua, who was also at today’s conference, said the party will be seeking clarification from the Prime Minister’s Department and called on Najib to disclose if he had instructed his men to entice opposition representatives or investigate and act against imposters.
And please lah Tony don’t waste your time on these sort of drivel…plenty of other more important things to do with the 13th general election just around the corner!