If you think that PR is going to win the 13th
GE the way things are now…you better think again! Do not kid yourself. Do not
be lull into a sense of complacency and think that all will be well….that
Pakatan Rakyat will be the government of the day come the 13th
general election! I tell you friend the way things are…you will be

Just because the chatter on the Net seems
to be mostly for  PR does not mean
much. If all we bloggers were to cast our votes for PR it will still be negated
by just one cawangan under UMNO. Just the vote coming from one Cawangan is enough
to neutralize the votes of all the bloggers now working to kick UMNO/BN out of
government. Just like that!
Do not mock those UMNO cyber troopers too
much. Look at the work they do to discredit PR leaders. Yes they sink to the
gutter or go deeper into the sewer with the tactics they use but just compare
that with what we do.
I use only words and the occasional YouTube
videos and images I take from the Net to embellish steadyau47. What they have
in their arsenal of smut and spin we would have difficulty in unraveling what
more equal. We simply do not have the financial resources and support they have
from their political masters. We can dismiss their attempts as being
theatrical and political backstabbing of the lowest order but they have their
audience. And with each story they hurl towards Mat Sabu and DSAI they hurt PR
considerably. And more important every time they do so they gain more converts
to their side.
We cannot continue to be in denial of the
ability of these goons to match us word for word and story by story – but what
we have working for us is a level playing field in as far as the Net is
concern. The Net knows not if you are BN or PR. If you are DAP, PAS, PKR, UMNO,
MCA or MIC. If you have a PC and Internet access then you have entry into cyber
space….and that is where this fight is taking place now. You and me can give
those goons working for UMNO as good as we get!
I can only speak for myself. I work on my
blog anytime I can. Every posting I do requires time, effort and a focus on our
matalamat (aim) and that is to change the political landscape in Malaysia for
the better. 
From a corrupt and self serving module to that of an open,
responsible and accountable one. No ifs no buts. No “trial period” for another
government, no trial period for another Prime Minister. 
From day one the new government
must hit the ground running and already have in place responsible leaders who
will deliver what they promise us. No more no less. 
And if I doubt their
ability to do so I will say so in my blog. If I doubt the ability of PR to
perform as I I expect them to, I say so in my blog. No more holding back on my
critique and my comments when PR does wrong. No more treating PR with kid
I do so not because I love PR less but
because I love PR more. If PR is unable to, or will not live up to our aspirations
then better the devil we know then the devil we do not know. UMNO is the devil we know!
I am not going to
give PR a “CHANCE” to do what UMNO has done to us – rob us blind and enrich
themselves at our expense. Not for five years, not for one year, not even for a
month or a week. As I have said earlier if PR has not learn after these years
in opposition what the people want then they will never learn once they are in
Right now the jury is still out if PR is
ready to take over government from BN. Just the mere mention of Hudud has got
PR going for each other throat while UMNO sits back and enjoys their latest act
of throwing a big juicy bone amongst the uneasy pack that makes up PR. What
would PR do when UMNO takes out DSAI? If the best that PR can do is Mat Sabu then
I suggest PR should go back to the drawing board and think of something else
more potent, more decent and more able to stand against the riff raffs that
UMNO throws at us – and mind you, UMNO does have a good number of riff raffs to
throw at PR.
I think we bloggers must not be too “shok
sendiri”. We are messengers of stories. We should not become the story
ourselves. There is why there is much work to be done. Let us concentrate on
getting the story out there into the minds  of people that matter. That
critical mass that will decide who will govern our country.
If you agree with the message we are trying
to get out there for a positive change to the political landscape of our
country then please take our message to at least one other person – play it forward – not just click out
and leave that message dead where you found it. Move the message around. Cut and paste it
onto your blog or email it to a friend. Only then can our posting begin to have
a life of its own. Once you give it life then it can start to do its work of
making people become aware of the need for change. Why we need change, how we
can change and what the change should be. 
We write…you breath life into it and
help us move it around…then it will be able to have a life of its own and
hopefully make a difference to the way people think and do things. We want PR
activists to be found where ever we find Malaysians.Help us do this.
Only when we have the numbers will we be
able to make a difference to the wretched state our nation is now in. Then this
BN government will have to think twice before they do anything that we do not
agree to. No more verdicts of death by misadventure when someone is found dead
while under MACC custody. No more announcements of the repeal of the ISA or
PPPA – not unless it is really so. No more empty promises through “transformation
programs” for every community, no more lies , no more arrogance and certainly
no more side trips for your children’s engagement while on Official Trips to a
foreign country.
So let us focus on building up that
critical mass. Each and everyone of you can help us in this effort. You are
one. With me we are two.