This 13th General Elections will change three things:
Representatives, State Governments and Government Policies. At the Federal
Level it still looks like the Barisan Nasional government will hold firm as it
has held firm these last twelve general elections but government policies will
change to reflect voters sentiments.
Why not we look at what has change BEFORE this 13th
general election?
We know that after the 1969 elections UMNO adopted aggressive
pro Malay policies to lure back the Malays that had crossed over to PAS. We are
familiar with Mahathir’s launched of Vision 2020 which open up higher education
and a more liberal view towards cultural expression to win back the Chinese
support in 1995. But again with the loss of Malay support in the 1999 election
UMNO took Barisan Nasional back to a more pro Malay stance despite the fact
that it was the non Malay votes in the urban area that helped BN to win the
elections. In 2000 Mahathir went one better then PAS by declaring Malaysia an
Islamic state. So wither goes UMNO now? And what will Pakatan Rakyat do?   
What we have today in our country is a solidarity of purpose
that transcend ethnic and religious divides. No longer are the political
parties able to divide and rule along communal lines. You do so at your peril!
This is not to say that racial politics is a thing of the past…no Sir! Racial
politics is still alive and well but the difference is this.
Today there is only one chant that can be heard over and over
again as it sweeps across our nation. One chant that reverberates within our
body, soul and mind and then articulated like a mantra by one and all:
Some of us will want change and some will not want change. Some
will want change for the sake of change while others thinks that change for the
sake of change is dangerous because we are going into the unknown. Better the
devil you know then the devil you do not know. And so the debate rages as the
date for the elections nears.
No matter what happens AFTER the 13th general
elections we know that we will never go back to the days when our government
can claims it knows what is best for its people. We will never again have a
government without a credible opposition no matter who wins this general
election. And most critical of all we know that we will have a government
beholden to its people.
We will have a government elected by the people and working for
the people. For a government to do otherwise will hasten its demise at the
hands of a people who are now aware of their responsibility to police its own
representatives and are also aware of its ability to dismiss a government it
consider remiss in carrying out its duty as a representative of the people.
We decide who will govern us
we decide who will not.
This is not about us giving Pakatan Rakyat a chance to govern
to prove their capability at governing us. This is not about us giving
UMNO/Barisan Nasional another chance at government because they promise to do
good this time around. No none of that “I promise I will do this or that” sort
of stuff. We need to get it right this time around!
I can only talk for myself and what I will do. I intend to  make an informed and educated decision
as to who will best govern this country of ours. If any of you want to quibble
that my HSC education will not be adequate to enable me to make an educated
guess so be it! I will still try to make an educated a decision as my HSC education
will allow me….but I digress again!
Seriously folks we need to start the process of listening to
all the chatter that is around us….and not only listen but more important to
hear what is being said.
PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali yesterday assured the party’s
grassroots that the country’s top two leaders will be Muslim if the federal
opposition takes over the government. We are listening to what he is saying but
do you hear what he is saying? Is he not saying that if anyone is convicted of
UnIslamic acts then they cannot be the top two leaders  of our country? Where does that put
DSAI if he is convicted? So listen and hear!
The common adage is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Well it
is broke! Our country is in a mess.
I want to know why Razak Baginda was paid RM$500 million
commission for “arranging” for the Malaysian Government to buy those French
submarines? Why must the French courts probe corruption allegations? Why not
MACC or the Malaysian courts? Why was Altantuya murdered? If Razak is innocent
why did he flee overseas?
I want to know why must the German Government initiate a corruption probe on that Taib feller in Sarawak? Why not our government? Why not the MACC?….and as far as MACC is concern your protestation that you are investigating Taib is bullshit! I want to see MACC go to Sarawak, handcuff him and bring him back to semenanjung for trail – fast tracked! 
I want to know what is happening with PKFZ?
I want to know who killed Teoh Beng Hock?
Petronas money was used to bail out
Mahathir’s son’s shipping company.
I want to know why Samy Velu is so rich?
I want to know why so many UMNO and Barisan Politicians are
living beyond their means in and out of office?
I want to know why PDRM is so corrupt?
I want to know all this and many more things but there are so
many questions and no answers forthcoming from our government. That is why I
say our country is “broke” and it needs fixing!
So please take this responsibility of making an informed and
educated decisions of our future leaders seriously. There are good and bad people
within UMNO and Barisan Nasional just as they are good and bad people within
Pakatan Rakyat. Choose well.