are two leaders at the top of UMNO’s pile of s#*t…two minds without a single
intelligent thought to benefit the Rakyat except that of holding on to power!
Power at all costs. If it means having to give RM1.1 million financial
assistance to seven Chinese schools and an association of former students for a
Chinese school in Kedah…… find the money and do it!
rising cost of living? Introduce a new National Key Result Area (NKRA) to
tackle the rising cost of living! 
Sounds impressive! Who cares what this NKRA thing is going to do?
Pemamdu and the cabinet committee will assist and oversee everything! Problem
solved – no more rising cost of living!
of course our Prime Minister has sounded the clarion call emphasizing that the
red, white, blue and yellow of the Jalur Gemilang  reflects the principles to uphold national unity in all
situations, to make sacrifices for the nation’s progress, to maintain peace and
harmony and to portray a strong Malaysian identity. How the f*#ks he can see
those principles from those colors simply escapes me.
that is vintage Najib – he beats Pak Lah hands down when it comes to announcing
all those addendum to the nation’s transformation plan! Dear God why did you
not tell Najib and Muhyiddin to be present at Merdeka Square on the 7th
of April last year when you were giving out brains?….and having Mukriz and
Mahathir present would not do us any harm too!