are not born liars. Neither are we born to hate another human being. We are
what we are today because somewhere in the process of growing up we consciously
or subconsciously took to be our own persona the things that are around us. For
most of us the person who lied to us first are our beloved parents. From them
we learn that lies are done when the circumstance requires it. Sad is it not to
think that our parents lied to us first! Now as adults we are faced with having
to tell lies and being lied to. How we each justify lying is open to endless
arguments but it can be explained by this simple phase “ self serving”. Nobody
can deny that the lying they do is for their own ends.
The problems for
most of us begins when lying becomes what our leaders choose to do because
telling the truth will destroy their credibility in our eyes. For Barisan
Nasional politicians this (telling lies) has become the knee jerk reaction to
almost anything that if they were to tell the truth would be unpalatable to the
Malaysian public. No need to go to far back….that Din guy from the Home
Ministry recently said “that there was no political agenda in the
deportation of French human rights lawyer William Bourdon….. he was deported
due to “visa non-compliance” and for making a speech in Penang”. He knows and we
know that he is lying but it has all now become a game…another lie, another day
in government. But then that is the way Barisan Nasional do things.
I do not support
Barisan Nasiona (as if BN cares!) I want Pakatan Rakyat to win at the 13th
General Election. So what do I do when Pakatan Rakyat leaders lies? What should
I do when I KNOW they have lied? I really care not if you tell me that Pakatan
Rakyat leaders do sometimes have to lie or tell untruths to politically survive.
Political survival is just that – surviving! If Pakatan Rakyat is to succeed it
must not only survive but must also thrive and be able to stand heads and
shoulders above the corrupt and arrogant BN politicians. Tok Guru, Hadi,
Karpal, Kit Siang and Guan Eng all stand heads and shoulders over ANY Barisan
Nasional leaders. DSAI does not! And this DSAI is the leader of these leaders
of Pakatan Rakyat –the first amongst equal!
Why do I say
that DSAI lies?
Let me tell you
why. You all know about his time in UMNO and you all think you know what he did
as DPM of a BN government. I heard stories and I do KNOW of one or two
instances when what he did could be construed to be “questionable” but I would
not be able to prove it in a court of law because I have nothing incriminating
to put forward against DSAI. So like most of you out there I speculate but
speculation has never made anyone guilty of any crime unless you have an army
strong enough to act on the speculation and you yourself act as judge, jury and
executioner. Mahathir tried to do that with DSAI in the Sodomy One case. He
Since his
dismissal by Mahathir from his post as DPM there have been stories and
speculation a plenty but nothing stuck to DSAI. Not until Saiful. You can
choose to believe what you want but as you can see with Mahathir, our judiciary
can only do the bidding’s of its political masters if the facts support the
prosecution case against DSAI. In sodomy two this is  a fa it accompali – a done deal – no if’s no but’s.
So why is so
many people in denial? Let me try and put this phenomena of DSAI in
perspective. I was at his house when he was released from prison. Since then I
have met and talked with him a number of times. I have followed his progress up
the ranks of Pakatan Rakyat. Knowing of his past and the flaw in his personal
self I waited to see how he would conduct himself as leader of the opposition.
Unfortunately at all critical junctures he failed:
The announcement
of taking over the government from BN just after the 12th general
The loss of
Perak and many PKR MP’s,
The Bala press
conference and the subsequent debacle of Bala pulling out his first SD.
The comic yet
tragic manner in which the PKR party election was conducted.
The Saiful
And other lapse
of judgements by DSAI that has cost PKR and PR  dearly only increased my anxiety of DSAI ability to change
into the leader we all (including me) wanted him to be. Some of you are still
patient with him. Some of you know that he can never change and yet feel that
there is no other leader within PR to take his place. Some say that we need to
stay with DSAI because he has been through so much and ought to be given the
opportunity to lead PR against BN. We can go through all these for and against
arguments till kingdom come – but while you are all entitled to your own
thoughts – so am I entitled to mine.
DSAI cannot
change. He can project the persona you want him to be if and when it suits him.
A pious Muslim, a fiery and mesmerising political orator, a family man and a leader
for all seasons. But amongst all these persona there is also deeply rooted
within DSAI this tendency to self destruct – no matter what the costs to his
family, his supporters, his future and to himself there are urges within him
that he himself has no control over. And so his dalliances with Saiful is now
out in the public domain. And even today DSAI had denied any wrong doings
because that part of him that did what he did to Saiful is well hidden away
from everyone’s knowledge – including DSAI himself! At times DSAI does not know
what he does. I say this because I know some of the things that  DSAI is capable of doing….and yet it
serves no purpose to put these knowledge into the public domain. All that needs
to be said of DSAI has been said. The final chapter still has to be written but
I think even with his last conscious thought on this earth he will still
believe that he was wronged.
God has not
given DSAI the ability to understand what is right and what is wrong in some of
the things that he has done and so he will protest his innocence regardless –
regardless of anything until the judge pronounce sentence and he is once again
taken away to serve his time in some jail somewhere in Malaysia.
Then it will be
too late for most of you that have believed in his innocence. It will be too
late for most of you that have strives to judge DSAI against the standards of
the BN politicians. And it will certainly be too late for Pakatan Rakyat to
regroup and take the high ground for the 13th general election.
But what do you
people care? The blame for DSAI fall will be put squarely on the shoulders of a
BN government that harassed and prosecuted him relentlessly. I will be one of
those traitors that have turned against DSAI  – one of the many bloggers that have been paid by UMNO to do
their dirty work for them. Whatever the truth is what I know will happen is
this. There are too many people who now know the truth about DSAI –too many of
us that will not keep quiet and allow DSAI to have the opportunity of doing to our
country what he has done in UMNO and what he has done within PKR. It is only
because we have leaders now within Pakatan Rakyat that will not allow DSAI to
wreck his influence within PR that PR is still without the debilitating
influence that DSAI could inflict upon PR. Thank God for that!