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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 9 rally : 3 stadium venues confirmed

July 9 rally : 3 stadium venues confirmed
Kuldip Gangaram, Monyet News Network, 6 July 2011
Kuala Lumpur, 6 July. All the three organizations participating in the 9 July rally have been allocated a venue each. The BERSIH rally will be at the National Aquatics Centre, the UMNO Youth rally at the Shah Alam Swimming Complex while the PERKASA rally will be held at the National Cock Fighting Arena, Gombak.
According to Datuk Baharuddin Mamat, the Director of Pusat Informasi Stadium Sukan Kuala Lumpur (PISS KL), the choice of these unconventional venues was due to the short time given and most of the larger stadiums have already been booked for other sporting event. Baharuddin told Monyet News Network “they only gave me two days notice, how to find big stadium lah ? This is the best we can do. If the rally organizers don’t like it, it is too bad”.
MNN has learnt that BERSIH, UMNO Youth and PERKASA have accepted the venues given to them and have started preparations.
National Aquatic centre – the venue for BERSIH’s rally
 Ambiga and colleagues rehearsing for the rally
Khairy Jamaluddin and his UMNO Youth members warming up at the Shah Alam Swimming Complex
The National Cock Fighting Arena – venue for PERKASA’s rally. PERKASA is not doing any rehearsal. According to its President, “we have been cock fighting all our lives – why need to do some more rehearsal ?”

Datuk Baharuddin Mamat also told MNN “if any other organizations want to hold another rally, the only venue left is the National Ping Pong Complex”

Monyet News Network will be broadcasting all the rallies live.

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