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BREAKING NEWS: AG Gani Patail Loses Appeal VS Dato Ramli Yusuff

by Din Merican
June 20, 2011

Yesterday, I posted an article about the despicable conduct of MACC officers who tried to inflict a last minute humiliation on Dato’ Ramli Yusuff and his family by visiting his house and making the whole neighborhood know that the MACC have unfinished business with Dato’ Ramli.
Just an hour ago, the Court of Appeal sitting in Kota Kinabalu made it clear and in no uncertain terms that it would not condone AG Gani Patail’s malicious conduct against Dato Ramli and dismissed AG Gani Patail’s appeal.
These are the judges of the august Court of Appeal:

The Honourable Dato’ Haji Datuk David Wong Dak

The Honourable Judge Dato’ Mohamed Apandi bin Haji Ali

The Honourable Judge Datuk Sulong bin Matjeraie
(Kota Kinabalu, Sabah)
Appearing for the AG’s office was DPP Ahmad Bache while Dato’ Seri Shafiee Abdullah represented Dato’ Ramli.
Readers would remember that IGP Musa Hassan and AG Gani Patail had used the MACC to fix-up Dato’ Ramli Yusuff  who was then the Director CCID in order cover up for their involvement in the release of a gambling syndicate operator, Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku Goh and the MAS Scandal. Instead of charging the real crooks, they charged the Dato Ramli! With that they managed to close both cases.
In the Sabah case, the MACC fabricated stories about Dato Ramli using a police Cessna for personal use, whereas at that time, Dato Ramli was on official duty in full uniform escorted by other uniformed personnel. Dato’ Ramli’s trip was serious police business to survey the porous Sabah border because Dato’ Ramli had earlier controlled the Abu Sayaf infiltration when he was CPO Sabah.
The falsehoods perpetrated by AG Gani Patail through DPP Kevin Morais became very clear when the MACC amended the charge several times throughout that trial. DPP Kevin even fixed the arrangement of witnesses by calling the two pilots as the last witnesses as PW73 and PW74.
Kevin Morais knew that the flight path log sheet which is a requirement of the Department of Civil Aviation would show that this was an operational flight and not for personal use. Further, the statements of the pilots would have doomed the MACC’s case from the very beginning. So, in a very cunning way, Kevin Morais decided not to call the pilots first. This would enable the MACC to drag the case, deplete Dato Ramli’s resources, humiliate him publicly and make the Police citizens forget him.
So, the trial went on for 57 days with 75 witnesses with former IGP Musa Hassan  who appeared as the last and 75th witness – PW75. Musa Hassan’s task was to disagree and rebut all the evidence given earlier by the other police witnesses. Musa Hassan’s conduct of fabricating evidence was very reminiscent of his role in Sodomy I where he was dubbed as the Mattress Carrier.
Musa’s conduct must have so revolted Judge Supang Lian who did not mince her words when she condemned Musa Hassan as “an incredible witness whose evidence is not to be believed”.
That is why I worry when I am told that Musa Hassan has been appointed as Pensyarah Utama (Principal Lecturer) at the Law and Mass Communication School in UiTM. What would Musa Hassan be teaching these students? Will he be teaching them how to fabricate evidence and fix-up people and then make it believable by some public relations or mass communication trickeries? Is that how UiTM wants to be known for? Woe to this august bumiputera institution of higher learning!
I am happy for Dato Ramli for yet another round of vindication. I hope AG Gani Patai will stop any further vindictiveness against him. I hope IGP Ismail Omar will now reinstate Dato Ramli to his post and that the JPA will pay him all his pensions, gratuities and emoluments. Enough is enough!
I am happy that the prayers of all decent Malaysian have been answered by God. I am happy that these Judges of the Court of Appeal have restored our hopes and faith that eventually the truth will prevail!

God is Great!