Who are these people
that tells us that each day our country moves closer to the brink of chaos? Are
they mischief makers bent on provoking the people into believing that “kiamat”
(Armageddon) is coming and that the Day of Judgment will be upon us by the
first Sunday of July or August at the latest? Are these simply the ramblings
and ranting of a people who despair that any good can come of the times that
they now live in because hope seems to be no longer something they have? And
when hope is no longer there what else is left? 
I really do not know
my friends. I do not know what tomorrow will bring. Like you I am tired of
having politic thrown into my face everyday and everywhere I look. Sometimes it
is hard to believe that our Prime Minister, our Deputy Prime Minister and our
Ministers in the Cabinet can do the things they do.
In the NST today we
have this:  
PM to highlight Islamic way of good
For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
I Accept
Najib will be the first speaker at the main forum held at the newly
completed Palace of Independence here after the official launch by Kazakh
President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Besides Najib, other world leaders gracing the forum include the
president of Djibouti and the prime minister of Tajikistan.
Najib is going to speak about Islamic good governance
in a forum graced by “world leaders” including the president of Djibouti and PM
of Tajikistan? What else is new? In as far as the two world leader gracing the
forum  – please note the following:
·      Population
under 1 million.
·      Employment
rate 40% to 50%.
·      One party
dominant system.
·      “Elections
there failed to meet basic democratic standards” Current economic situation
remains fragile because of corruption.
·      Drug
money corrupts the government.
I rest my case!
Unperturbed I continue to peruse NST (peruse means
read lah…have to impress those reporters at NST once in a while)
Next come that Muhyiddin guy…our DPM with the
following headline:
For privacy reasons YouTube needs your permission to be loaded.
I Accept

New perks for small businesses to
Under that headline in the NST comes the usual blah
blah blah…
·      Newly
launched Green lane facility
·      In
a bid to spur the growth of more innovative SMEs
·      It
includes a two per cent rebate for approved loans, stamp duty exemption on loan
agreement documents, tax deductions on expenses to acquire the 1-InnoCERT, fast
track registration in e-Procurement from seven days to just a day, priority to
participate in government offset programmes and privileges in Government and
Finance Ministry Incorporated companies’ procurement.
·      Proactive
·      SME
master plan
·      Developed
nation status
·      Muhyiddin
witness signing of MOU
·      Quantum
Now whether this Muhyiddin understands all this very
impressive lingo does not matter because also present was International Trade
and Industry Ministry Deputy Minister Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir. I guess they are
already deep in discussions re what is to come after Najib!
The “Serve husband like a first class prostitute”
thing is still getting some airtime here and there – but let it go for a few
more days and it will die a natural death. We have milked it for all it is
worth. But again the sheer stupidity of any one – let alone a women and a wife
to boot – to come up with such utterances is beyond my ability to
What perplexes me most is this. This Prime Minister of
ours must be living in cuckoo land! How many more incentive packages are to be
wheeled out? Where else on the world stage is he going to lecture world leaders
on good governance and Islamic values? How many more deaths? In MACC, in PDRM,
Indonesian maids, multiple bus accidents deaths, multiple deaths in boat
accidents, people dying in landslides? Talk about deregistering Pakatan Rakyat,
talk about deregistering UMNO! Cannons to the right, cannons to the left and
still this Najib rides serenely into the valley of death! It would seems that
only him and his First Lady seems to tell themselves that  “All is well that ends well?”
We all know what is happening around us. The
corruption, the greed the arrogance of a BN government gone AWOL. But not
Najib. Not UMNO.
UMNO reminds me of crabs in a barrel.
“Go down to the fish market and look at the crab
barrel. They never have to put a lid on it because if one crab starts to crawl
out, the others will grab him and pull him down. That is what negative peer
pressure does”  God help UMNO for
the Malays will not!