Many a time in the course of the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy
II trial, the question was raised as to how a strong and reluctant
twenty-something-year old man could be sodomised by a sixty-plus-year old
person. This question presupposes that an element of physical force was
involved to bring the victim to submission. That supposition may be entirely
A person of authority using his position or influence
to gain sexual gratification from a person answerable or beholden to him is not
a phenomenon either unknown or rare. It is in fact very common. Think of those
sexual abuse cases involving Catholic priests and altar or choir boys which
till now are plaguing the Catholic Church, those cases in the US military where
superior officers sexually harass and exploit junior female personnel,
instances in academia where instructors use their position to gain sexual
advantage over students.
In many cases, because of their shame, confusion and
emotional trauma, the victims took a great deal of time, sometimes years, to
speak out on the victimisation committed against them. Very often, there was no
physical violence threatened or inflicted and the victims appear to have
physically consented to the sexual relations. In actual fact, their mental
confusion and reluctance to question or resist the ‘requests’ or ‘suggestions’
by a person they look up to made them vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Or the
exploiter is someone the victim is dependent on for job security or career
advancement. The Anwar/Saiful sodomy case can easily fit into this pattern.
Some people consider it inconceivable or impossible
for Anwar to have forced Saiful to submit to be sodomised. This is a very
blinkered view, almost wilfully ignorant of what had happened in other parts of
the world. The answer to the question posed many times by observers as to how
it was possible that a 60-year old man can sexually exploit a physically strong
20-something year-old man is that the former by using his charisma, position
and influence can persuade or coerce the latter to do things against the
latter’s better judgement with no physical violence or threats necessary. So
the act can appear to be physically consensual but in the mind of the victim
during or after the act, it is something done against his or her will and is
forced on him or her.
Far from it for me to say at this point that was what
actually transpired in the Anwar/Saiful sodomy case. That’s for the trial to
decide. What I’m saying is that it’s time people stop playing stupid and start
to accept that it is not an impossibility for sexual exploitation to have taken
place with no actual physical resistance on the part of the victim. Things get
very complicated once the victim ‘submits’ to the exploitation as the element
of consent arguably becomes apparent. It is for this reason that sexual
harassment laws have been formulated to deter persons holding positions of
authority and power in organisations from even attempting to take sexual advantage
of their underlings.

Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
The above was forwarded to me this afternoon. 
Here are comments:  
is possible in the world that we live in. What we need to be crystal clear
about is what we intend to do about the situation our country is in now. What
DSAI or Najib do in their private moments is their business – not ours. Of
course if what they do in their private lives hurt others then they must face
prosecution but I am sure that this alleged incident will not see the light of day if
DSAI is not a threat to BN. Rest
assure that there will be more of these “issues” surfacing in the coming weeks
if not months. How we take these “revelations” will decide the path our country
will follow after the 13th GE.
in Australia the Prime Minister, Julie Gillard has never married and lives in
the Lodge (the PM’s official residence) with Tim Mathesion – her partner. To
some eyes in sin, to most Australian it is her right as an adult to do so. He even accompanied her on her visit to Malaysia!
the DSAI/Saiful situation – each and every Malaysian will have to make their
own determination. Why
is DSAI being pursued relentlessly by the BN government from the time of Mahathir? Sodomy 1, Saiful and
now sodomy Two, the Carcosa tapes and God knows what else?
was Rahim Thamby Chik not prosecuted for the statutory rape of a Malay
Schoolgirl when Mahathir was Prime Minister?
was Jamaluddin Jarjis not prosecuted for his “raba raba” incident and instead
rewarded with a posting to Washington?
I can go about endlessly about this but you and I know that DSAI is being
pursued because he is a threat to BN in the 13th general election.
It is a political decision – made not in the national interest but to serve
BN’s interest. And once that political decision was made to pursue DSAi then all the machinery under the control of the Federal Government is brought to bear upon DSAI. No longer will Justice prevails because the Malaysian Judiciary then becomes a tool of BN, their political masters!   
the same token you can expect a blood bath of some sort perpetrated by whoever
will win the 13th general election on the loser! Pakatan Rakyat or
BN. There is no perfection in this world. Only reality.

I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.
Elie Wiesel (1928 -)
for me the decision is simple. I have put my lot with Pakatan Rakayat – for
many reasons – but of primary importance is the need to get rid of UMNO and BN
who have done enough harm to our country, to our people and most important, to
the future of our children. Having done so I will take the bad with the good.
Rakyat is not perfect but it will do for now. UMNO is the devil I know and I
would not want the devil I now know to rule our country for another term. I
might be alone in my support for Pakatan Rakyat but I have asked for others to
be with me. You are one. With me we are two. Who else will join us?    
can write good or bad on just about any politician in Malaysia. These are
realities that we bloggers face when we first start to write. The time has come
to take sides. As we near the 13th general election it will be in
the interest of UMNO to divide and rule. After sex the 3Rs, Race,
Religion and Royalty will be used by UMNO to manipulate and manage the people!
Any one of these Rs will be enough to cause a riot of the killing kind. That it
will do so is of no concern to UMNO. UMNO uses them as and when required to
achieve their own ends.
let us not talk about peripheral issues.
About whether DSAI
did or did not sodomize Saiful.  
About whether the
Christians are going to oust Islam as the official religion of Malaysia.
About whether
Ketuanan Melayau is a right the Malays have that is enshrined in the constitution
of this country.
let us go to the core issue. We have UMNO that will not stop at anything to retain
power. After 52 years they have failed to put into place the 1Malaysia concept
that they are still now talking about – and talking about 1Malaysia is all they
are doing, will be doing and shall be doing until the 13th general
election is over. If they win then we brace ourself for more corruption, more
deceit and more greed but we will certainly not hear them talk anymore about 1Malaysia!
is really a no brainer. 
So simple or easy as to require no thought. 
We need
to be with Pakatan Rakyat.
Enough of talking about
MACC not doing its job. About PDRM being corrupt. About 1Malaysia and Ketuanan
Melayu. Enough of being angry about people being killed while in Police
custody. Altantuya, PKFZ, Teoh Beng Hock, Kugan….all this will not be resolved
until UMNO/BN is defeated at the 13th  general elections. And this is why I have thrown my lot with
Pakatan Rakyat. Because only Pakatan Rakyat gives us the opportunity to defeat
UMNO at the polls. Be with Pakatan Rakyat or be at the mercy of Najib and his
goons for another term of greed, corruption and deceit.
You are one. 
With me we are
Who else will join us?