Note: I received this in my email today: 

 Witness the
contrast between 
China & Pakistan.

At a
time of great tragedy and suffering by their people, both were devastated by
disastrous flooding, landslides, massive destruction and great loss of lives.
The Chinese
responded by mobilising their own resources, thousand of their Armed Forces, Police and volunteers systematically tackled the problems.
You see Chinese all
over the country giving donations in all forms – cash and kind. The Chinese
leaders were at the site of tragedy within 24 hours.
In Pakistan, the
President was enjoying his holiday trip to London. He has yet to make his
first visit to the scene of tragedy.
In Pakistan we
see long lines of the affected and the refugees, dressed in their long robes,
blaming  the government  for
not coming to help them. And so they just sit down and wait and wait and they
are absolutely incapable of organizing themselves to help themselves – because
the suffering that befall them is God’s will- Inshaallah!
China has not
asked for a single cent from other countries nor seek assistance from any international organizations.
The United Nations is
seeking US$460 million for Pakistan.
The Talibans
said it would give Pakistan $20 million if it rejects aids from the western
The US pledged
$50 million & Australia 9 million. 
And the Arab countries?
·      Kuwait pledged
$5 million.
·      Turkey $0.28
·      UAE $0.028
million which is less than the cost of a toy for an Arab Sheik!
The rich Arabs
have oil and cash to drown themselves in but none to spare to help their fellow
In every tragedy, it is
always the western infidels and wealthy Asian nations who respond to the
sufferings of the Muslims! 
Where is all the
love and brotherhood that Muslims preach in their holy Koran?
Each day we hear
them pray so loud and clear but how many reach out to their pockets to
give something to the suffering Muslims brothers?
The wonders & greatness of Islam & Muslims still remain a great mystery to me!