The Attorney General is not a stupid man. He might
be the lackey of UMNO. He might be more then willing to do Najib’s bidding or
as proclaimed by those not  so refine, carry Najib’s balls…and they do not
mean golf balls either. He might even be inclined to interpret judiciary
matters to disadvantaged individuals who are a problem to UMNO. But this we
must acknowledge – to get where he is now does require some intelligence.
But as each day passes it gets more and more difficult for him to keep doing
the bidding of his political masters. Some of his predecessors have thrown
caution to the wind and went all the way to ensure that the instructions coming
from his political masters are adhered to…right up to every dot for every ‘i’
and the cross for every ‘t’. But those were in the good old days when Malaysia
Today and bloggers were unheard off. Now the Attorney General really has to use
what grey matter he has to ‘manage’ the judicial process to serve the interest
of his political masters.
Take the latest situation re the late Teoh
Beng  Hock. Now I am not without
knowledge of what UMNO can do to neutralize a potentially disastrous situation.
We can recall the correct correct correct Lingam, Eric Cheah, PKFZ…ecetera
ecetera ecetera ( as Yul Bryner said in The King and I) but this Teoh Beng Hock
suicide note is really the Attorney General at his most creative.

As I have said at the onset, the Attorney general
is not a stupid man. He knows if the suicide note is genuine he has done wrong
in keeping quiet all this time – for whatever reason! If the suicide note is a fake
the Attorney General will have a difficult time (some say impossible) to prove
a fake to be genuine. Even the watch sellers in China Town will refer to their
fake watch as either an ORIGINAL fake or a GENUINE fake…but a fake nevertheless
because they do not want to be pulled in by DBKL for selling a fake watch as an original! Please note that I am not saying that the Attorney General cannot
legally (as interpreted by Judges who have a need for a Tan Sri or ‘undeserved’
promotions) make a fake suicide note genuine – I am just saying that he will
have a hard time doing it. Hard because Malaysia Today and we bloggers are
going to rub his nose in it!
Now here comes the part where you can trip me up. I
did say that the Attorney General is not stupid! If he is not stupid how come
an intelligent man will want to be an Attorney General under a Barisan Nasional
Well you and I know that it is easy to tell the
truth. You just relate what really happened without any embellishments, frills
or ‘bunga bunga’. It is harder to tell untruths because you need to have the
‘intelligence’ to make it up as you go along..and keep inventing other ‘truths’
as your lie becomes bigger and bigger! So that is why I say that the Attorney
General is not stupid…as they say “ Oh what a complicated web we weave when we
set out to deceive!”

now the Attorney general has to come up with a suicide note that Teoh Beng Hock
wrote before he died. Is this possible? Remember what Mahathir said? If they
can come up with Avatar, then they can do anything – and this Mahathir should
know. He was Prime Minister of Malaysia for long enough…though of course he
might turn around and say “I cannot remember”…but I digress.

Whether the suicide note is genuine or fake, let us
see how the AG and Barisan Nasional …no let the whole of Malaysia see how they
squirm, bob and weave, duck, do some silap mata here and sandiwara there…let us
all see how they get out of this one! And once it is over, no matter what the
verdict, chalk this up as another lesson learnt about Barisan Nasional. For now
just sit back and let us watch the show
If you need a sign from God to tell you what to do here it is: